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Synonyms for insufficiency

Synonyms for insufficiency

Synonyms for insufficiency

a lack of competence


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(pathology) inability of a bodily part or organ to function normally

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The term is synonymous with deficiency, deficit, inadequacy, insufficience, insufficiency, debilitation, and enfeeblement (Kay et al.
1994) heart insufficience grade II Boswellia (Incense) Sulfasalazine Morbus Crohn Gerhardt et al.
Only in this case, the insufficience generated by the heterogeneity of conventional particles filled composites can be avoided (2).
The insufficience mentioned above, in knowing how to effect changes, is that "It works
We will give you sleepy drinks, that your senses, unintelligent of our insufficience, may, though they cannot praise us, as little accuse us.