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Synonyms for insomniac

someone who cannot sleep

experiencing or accompanied by sleeplessness

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The researchers found that the 13 insomniacs passed through the wake-maintenance zone -- a stage in the biological cycle during which sleeping is difficult -- about 3.
The typical insomniac has sought help repeatedly and unsuccessfully, Loewy said.
The Sleepwave device, which is about the size of an MP3 player, has been tested in Philips' sleep labs in Sydney and Melbourne and was found to decrease 67 percent of severe to moderate insomniacs down to a level of no clinical significance.
Since blood pressure is heightened among insomniacs, those with overt cardiac disease are particularly at risk for progression of the disease," the expert added.
When the insomniacs in the study underwent a four-week "sleep rescheduling protocol", 80 to 90 percent said their insomnia had improved.
On average, he reports, insomniacs using the active device nodded off 52 minutes faster than the controls and stayed asleep 1.
Researchers from Israel have found that a time-released formulation of the hormone melatonin substantially increases sleep quality among elderly insomniacs.
The Lounge in Insomniacs Asylum features the percolating dramas of
Though this works for patients suffering from intermittent insomnia, it is hardly a solution for chronic insomniacs.
Washington, Sept 3 (ANI): Men who are chronic insomniacs or sleep for short durations are at an increased risk of death, says a new study.
Researchers at the Henry Ford Center for Sleep Disorders, Detroit, found that the prevalence of hypertension was greater in insomniacs compared to normal sleepers.
This is the first study to evaluate sleep and bladder diaries of insomniacs, people with overactive bladders, and controls," said Dr.
Insomniacs lack the ability to fall asleep and sleep well (though Shaw and his colleagues think such people may be protected from the full negative effects of sleeplessness).
The Insomniacs have been nominated for a Blues Music Award by The Blues Foundation for its 2007 debut album, "Left Coast Blues.