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Del total de artropodos registrados, la Clase Insecta represento entre el 60 y el 100% de los contenidos estomacales (Figura 1; Tablas 3a; 3b; 3c; 3d y 3e).
As for the method of classification trees that was applied to our data with diet group" (6 diet groups: mammalia aves reptilia-amphibia insecta planta and waste) as dependent variable season" (4 seasons: spring summer autumn winter) and predator" (2 predators: red fox and stone marten) as independent variables we noticed the following: When frequency of occurrence (FO) was used as influence variable season" was not included in the tree-fitting model.
kezeri of prey Total Larvae Vegetation 41 31 "Worms" 20 13 Gastropoda 30 23 Arthropods 95 92 Arachnida 27 10 Chilopoda 4 0 Diplopoda 7 0 Insecta 84 79 Ephemeroptera 7 8 Plecoptera 21 31 Hemiptera 4 3 Hymenoptera 2 0 Coleoptera 45 31 Diptera 48 46 Trichoptera 16 18 Lepidoptera 7 0 Entognatha 27 15 (Collembola) Malacostraca 9 0 Amphipoda 2 0 Isopoda 7 0 Maxillopoda 34 49 (Copepods) Categories R.
Respecto a la clase Insecta, en los tres sitios sobresalen los coleopteros, tanto en biomasa (93%) como en densidad (83%); entre las familias se encontraron Curculionidae, Elateridae, Silphidae, Staphylinidae, Scarabaeidae y Tenebrionidae.
ONE of the coolest gadgets ever has to be the the Pico Insecta, a crazy, fresh and funky little gizmo which is a nice twist on the remote control helicopter.
Maen nhw'n bryfaid go iawn' a'r hyn rydw i'n ei olygu wrth hynny ydi eu bod nhw'n perthyn i'r Insecta ac i'r urdd sy'n cael ei galw'n 'Diptera'.
Potato beetle Animalia Arthropoda Insecta Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Leptinotarsa decemlineata
The revolutionary, high-tech insecticide system, manufactured by Insecta Sales & Research, Inc.
The flea shares the Insecta classification with such common creatures as bees, wasps, ants and lice.
Insecta Acrididae Malacostraca Neostrengeria charalensis (Figura 7) Cueva El Insecta Acrididae Molino Desmodus rotundus Mammalia Platyrrhinus dorsalis Sturnira erythromos Cueva El Insecta Acrididae Toro Malacostraca Neostrengeria sp.
Coleoptera (Beetles) is the most diverse order of class Insecta.
Pryfetach neu drychfilod ydyn nhw wrth gwrs sy'n perthyn i'r dosbarth, Insecta ac maen nhw'n perthyn i Urdd yr Odonata.
Se observo un dominio numerico y volumetrico de Acarina (68% y 95,29%, respectivamente), seguido en importancia por Formicidae (10,63% y 2,84%, respectivamente) y Larvas de insecta (9.