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a divine presence believed by Quakers to enlighten and guide the soul

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7) The Light Within, variously called the Inner Light and Inward Light, centers in the core of each individual and constitutes the fundamental source of right thought and right action.
Joyalukkas' sublime collections, featuring pieces from Florentina, Akshara, Madhubani, Mayoori, Zenina, Baki Amore and Ebru, evoke a woman's beauty and grace, bringing out her true inner light in perfect time for this glorious festival.
What is also needed is to have a balance between the two--allowing our inner light to shine out to others, while protecting it from those that cannot appreciate it.
I believe that when we let our true inner light shine, which some people call "following your heart" that you can't help but inspire others to do the same.
Avedas mineral- and plant-based makeup line includes Inner Light Dual Foundation ($21.
Aveda's mineral- and plant-based makeup line includes Inner Light Dual Foundation ($21.
For myself, as someone raised a Quaker (and hence more keen on the inner light than on the word of the Bible), I suspect that my preference would be for a more liberal interpretation than that of the two authors.
The Inner Light is imagined as the Holy Spirit that both enlightens and strengthens our humanity but also reminds us that we are indeed flawed humans.
Addressing troubled Christians 'tried in humble state', faced with 'tribulations, injuries, insults', Milton counsels them that they must endure their lot as assigned by God, relying on the inner light of conscience: 'who best can suffer, best can do' (III.
The most compelling of these is Brown's essay that demonstrates how Fisher uses the theology of the inner light to find common ground between herself and the Turkish ruler while at the same time appealing to the very same theology to underscore the failure of non-Quaker English Protestants to acknowledge the "seed" of God in them (54).
Diaz develops that structure through such frameworks as the mythical hero and the quest, music, tarot, and the Quaker's search for inner light.
And if it hadn't been for the rabbit in the Wood - a no-hoper called Inner Light - War Pass would have been going to the Kentucky Derby on May 3 as one of the favourites, despite obvious stamina questions, on the back of another Grade 1 win.
Yet every year, when we engage in that time-honored tradition of un tangling strands of lights that were put away in a ball the year before, I always question my inner light.
Aveda's Inner Light Shimmer Accents in Terra Stone, $20.
Yes, I had some ideas, but I hadn't gone to the beach, like some guys do, to sit for 37 days until the inner light bulb turns on.