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a divine presence believed by Quakers to enlighten and guide the soul

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WHILE Inner Light was a spent force after barely more than half a mile and duly finished last, he had done enough to push War Pass into stupidly fast fractions, a scorching 22.
Aveda's mineral- and plant-based makeup line includes Inner Light Dual Foundation ($21.
For myself, as someone raised a Quaker (and hence more keen on the inner light than on the word of the Bible), I suspect that my preference would be for a more liberal interpretation than that of the two authors.
The Inner Light is imagined as the Holy Spirit that both enlightens and strengthens our humanity but also reminds us that we are indeed flawed humans.
The most compelling of these is Brown's essay that demonstrates how Fisher uses the theology of the inner light to find common ground between herself and the Turkish ruler while at the same time appealing to the very same theology to underscore the failure of non-Quaker English Protestants to acknowledge the "seed" of God in them (54).
Though every person had individual life circumstances and histories, each seemed to draw upon the same core of inner light for strength.
It is marked by millions of clay lamps that light up houses and streets across the country, symbolising the conquest of spiritual darkness by the force of inner light.
Yet every year, when we engage in that time-honored tradition of un tangling strands of lights that were put away in a ball the year before, I always question my inner light.
AVEDA has Inner Light Sheer Mineral Tinted Moisture SPF 15, pounds 23, which is a quick-absorbing facial moisturiser with mineral-derived SPF 15.
Some people make a difference just by being who they are, their inner light shines bright and touches lives both near and far, and even when they're gone they still forever play a part in the smiles, the priceless moments that are treasured in our hearts.
Compassion and common sense Love and laughter Humour and a sense of fun Expertise and an inner light Dedication and lots of loyalty .
Joyalukkas' sublime collections, featuring pieces from Florentina, Akshara, Madhubani, Mayoori, Zenina, Baki Amore and Ebru, evoke a woman's beauty and grace, bringing out her true inner light in perfect time for this glorious festival.
Devised and created by MRM Worldwide Italia, the Digital Thinking Agency of McCann Worldgroup, the campaign's message is direct and effective, thanks to a clear and engaging headline: "SHINE ON", an encouragement to let our inner light show through, to live life to the max and with enthusiasm, wearing CARRERA frames and sunglasses.
I believe that when we let our true inner light shine, which some people call "following your heart" that you can't help but inspire others to do the same.
And in the silence of the night, I am guided by an inner light, To count my blessings one by one, For everyday beneath the sun.