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immunity to disease that occurs as part of an individual's natural biologic makeup

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26,27) Normally, both branches of the immune system work closely together, with the innate immune system taking the initial lead in defending the body against infection.
What potential does the innate immune system hold for treating inflammatory diseases?
The innate immune system provides an immediate, first-line of defense against pathogens.
If these are subverted, the interactions of invasive pathogens with various types of pathogen recognition receptors on epithelial cells and resident cells of the innate immune system, especially macrophages, initiate a localised inflammatory response characterised by an early influx of blood neutrophils.
This assay was developed to be a rapid, simple, and reliable in vitro measure of the effectiveness of the innate immune system to kill microbes.
Genetic mutations in the innate immune system that alter the equilibrium result in enhanced carcinogenesis.
The innate immune system is the first line of defense against pathogens, and it plays a fundamental role in coordinating a protective immune response in birds.
A new study published in the journal Nature features Biothera's beta-glucans and new discoveries regarding how these immunomodulating compounds prime the innate immune system to protect the body.
By keeping the innate immune system functioning at peak capacity, beta glucans can help give you the best chance of fighting off viral infections through the winter.
The innate immune system sends chemical signals that help to activate the adaptive system.
Other studies, including recent work by members of this research team [EHP 117:1108-1115 (2009)], have indicated that arsenic exposure can suppress the innate immune system.
The innate immune system is thought to constitute an evolutionarily older defense strategy and is the dominant immune system found in plants, fungi, insects, and in primitive multicellular organisms.
IntertechPira's 2009 Cosmeceuticals Summit, which is scheduled for March 9-11 in Orlando, FL, will include a new breakout session on "The Innate Immune System of the Skin.