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a board of the British government that administers and collects major direct taxes

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The post of member operations was vacant after the retirement of Khawaja Tanveer in the first week of February this year but the government, in spite of appointing a full member had just given the additional charge to another member of Inland Revenue policy, Dr Iqbal.
Peshawar is a major hub of Inland Revenue Enforcement Network FBR and successfully carrying major operations against the illicit trade of the cigarettes.
He requested the court to direct the Inland Revenue Department to return the computers having record other than financial matters so that NTS could announce results of the tests.
At the outset of the hearing Adnan Randhawa gave arguments and said that Inland Revenue has handed over the photo copies of the record to NTS.
An additional 12,000 borrowers have voluntarily contacted Inland Revenue since the arrangement has been in place.
Phyllis Bowes, who worked for many years at the Inland Revenue
At an earlier hearing in the Court of Appeal, Lord Denning had ordered the Inland Revenue to return the seized papers saying the tax-men had gone too Ear in the exercise of their powers.
It made sense, therefore, to work with Inland Revenue to streamline and automate the system even further, so that businesses only have to provide one lot of information to the two departments," says Dalziel.
The initial offer to creditors was only lp in the pound, which meant the Inland Revenue would have received only 1% ofthepounds 7.
A source said: "There is a dispute but it's something that Richard and Judy have taken to the Inland Revenue and not the other way around.
Kelly Gardiner, of Kincardine, Fife, couldn't believe her eyes when 11 cheques arrived from the Inland Revenue - who owed her nearly pounds 4000.
A MUM-of-three has a debt hanging over her of around pounds 1,000 after the Inland Revenue said she had been overpaid.
A COVENTRY woman is seeking compensation after claiming a former boss at the Inland Revenue grabbed her and tried to kiss her.
A leading business pressure group reacted with dismay to a High Court ruling yesterday in favour of the Inland Revenue which could have serious and expensive consequences for thousands of husband and wife firms.
The Inland Revenue is to scrap 1,300 jobs as a programme to round up unpaid National Insurance comes to an end.
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