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Synonyms for inhuman

Synonyms for inhuman

showing or suggesting a disposition to be violently destructive without scruple or restraint

Synonyms for inhuman

without compunction or human feeling

belonging to or resembling something nonhuman

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where the Earth-based Inhuman species and their backstory were introduced and developed well, there's no indication that the shows will connect any time soon.
There's an awful lot of history for this Inhuman city (in comics), but if this is what they're seeing, then the portal might lead to the Blue Side of the moon.
The inhumans, then, Miller equates with a breed of artists who, while living "side by side" with humans, pursue an entirely different life.
The new art must make humans as last men want to "die creatively"; that is, only through this "artistic death" can they hope to resurrect as creators, as inhumans.
In addition, building upon his notion of the inhuman artist, as a kind of redeemer of the 'destitute times' of the traditional present, I view Miller's literary-artistic journey as that of transcendental passing over from human to inhuman, from traditional to full present.
While the political status of the Inhumans has endured a series of permutations too numerous to count in this paper, their standing within the Marvel Universe has experienced its most substantive shift within the past two years.
their right to rule), the Inhumans launch a full strike on their makers, the Kree.
The Inhumans could easily show up on "Marvel's Agents of S.
which first introduced Inhumans, will return after the new series wraps up.
Rheon revealed that his character's Inhuman genes were taken away during Terrigenesis, so his strength has to be mental rather than physical.
The ABC series, which will first premiere in IMAX theaters, will follow Black Bolt and the royal family of Inhumans.
She believes in humanity, and all humanity, and that we should be united, but she believes we should be united against a common enemy, and that enemy is of alien origin and Inhumans.
Nadeer's hateful buddies will continue to try to take out Inhumans next week.
Inhumans aren't heading to the big screen any time soon, but they'll still be on "Marvel's Agents of S.
He and executive producer Maurissa Tancharoen also said they'd be able to utilize "some of the classic Inhumans.