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By using CA's Ingres II database technology, Seiko Precision has been able to ensure the scalability, flexibility and reliability of its state-of-the-art application.
NetApp filers, which can be implemented in Ingres II environments using network-attached storage, are designed to store and process mission-critical transaction database information.
The choice of Ingres II as the platform was preceded by a comprehensive examination of previous experiences, future development plans for Ingres as product family, product stability as well as financial factors," Lars Johansson concludes.
The winning combination of SilverStream, Jsi and Ingres II provides developers with the infrastructure to build and deploy Web applications for the Enterprise".
Opal and Ingres II Streamline Student Course Registration
Leading Systems Integrator Taps Unicenter TNG, Jasmine, and Ingres II
CA's IT product line, which is built on the Unicenter TNG Framework, provides comprehensive capabilities in multiple function-specific management areas and includes: AimIT (asset and inventory management), ShipIT (software delivery), ARCserveIT (storage management), ProtectIT (enterprise security), NetworkIT and NetworkIT Pro (network management), GuardIT (network/firewall security), InoculateIT (anti-virus), DirectIT (directory management), Paradigm and ServiceIT (help desk), CryptIT (secure data communications), DoubleIT (network data compression), Ingres II (relational database), Jasmine (object-oriented database), and FAXserveIT (fax management).
CA) and Polytechnic University (Polytechnic), one of the country's premier institutions for technology education, today announced that CA's Unicenter TNG, Jasmine and Ingres II are being used as standard teaching tools at Polytechnic's Long Island campus' computer science and information management curriculum.
CA) today announced that the Engineering Association of Rio Grande de Sul (CREA/RS) has standardized on Ingres II as its Internet-enabled, client/server database management system.
To this end, Sun's Professional Services organization has been authorized to configure, sell, and implement Unicenter TNG, Jasmine and Ingres II.
CA) today announced the activation of its Ingres II Linux Edition Open Beta program.
CA) today announced that Procempa, a leading Brazilian information technology provider, has implemented CA's Ingres II to create an advanced automatic vehicle management system for Porto Alegro, the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.
Optional agents are available for Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Ingres II, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and Informix.
a developer of document and information management software, today announced that INVU will bundle CA's Jasmine object-oriented database and Ingres II relational database with INVU Pro Network Edition information and document management software.