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By using CA's Ingres II database technology, Seiko Precision has been able to ensure the scalability, flexibility and reliability of its state-of-the-art application.
By providing a comprehensive management environment featuring an intuitive, drag-and-drop graphical interface for managing servers, applications, and key information assets, Ingres II version 2.
NetApp filers, which can be implemented in Ingres II environments using network-attached storage, are designed to store and process mission-critical transaction database information.
Through tight integration with Ingres II, Jasmine(ii) dynamically keeps the site current by generating Web pages that automatically reflect system content changes.
The choice of Ingres II as the platform was preceded by a comprehensive examination of previous experiences, future development plans for Ingres as product family, product stability as well as financial factors," Lars Johansson concludes.
Without a doubt, Ingres II is core to our ability to provide effective billing and customer care support," said Dick LeFave, senior vice president and chief information officer of Nextel.
0 providing Java connectivity for the SilverStream Application Server to the OpenIngres and Ingres II databases from Computer Associates.
CA will extend its industry leading LINUX support-in products such as Unicenter TNG, Jasmineii, eTrust, Ingres II, and ARCserve --so that IBM eServer users can gain all the advantages of this open source platform.
To this end, Sun's Professional Services organization has been authorized to configure, sell, and implement Unicenter TNG, Jasmine and Ingres II.
Ingres II is an integral part of CA's Harmony family, a comprehensive information management strategy that allows organizations to exploit new technologies while integrating existing applications and data sources.
Included are Jasmine (object-oriented database), Ingres II (relational database), AimIT (asset and inventory management), ShipIT (software delivery), ARCserveIT (storage management), ProtectIT (enterprise security), NetworkIT Pro (network management), GuardIT (network/firewall security), InoculateIT (antivirus), DirectIT (directory management), Paradigm and ServiceIT (help desk), CryptIT (secure data communications), DoubleIT (network data compression) and FAXserveIT (fax management).
CA) today announced it will begin shipping Ingres II with support for Linux platforms in the fourth quarter of this year.
The University is also utilizing Ingres II, CA's complete solution for n-tiered relational application development and information management, as part of its relational database course, and is planning courses in Jasmine, CA's pure object database for building and deploying multimedia applications over client/server and networked computing environments.
SCO (Nasdaq: SCOC), the world's leading provider of UNIX server operating systems, today announced that CA's award-winning Unicenter TNG and Ingres II are now certified for UnixWare 7 NonStop Clusters.