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French classical painter (1780-1867)

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Ingres 2006 is easy to administer, which means our solution is easier to implement and use.
It also contains a complete description of the SQL dialect as implemented in the Ingres 2006 version of the database.
Ingres Icebreaker is designed to be a self-contained software stack, integrating the proven enterprise strength of Ingres 2006 with only those Linux operating system components required to support the Ingres platform.
For companies considering an open-source database strategy, Ingres 2006 is a proven enterprise alternative and we encourage companies and partners to try Ingres 2006 for their new applications and other database needs that require a full-featured database.
netCustomer will also offer database migration services to help customers move from expensive proprietary database platforms to Ingres 2006, the leading enterprise open source database estimated to be half the cost of Oracle.
The new bundle contains all of the components needed to successfully build and deploy next-generation applications with Eclipse, a popular open source development framework, on Ingres 2006, Ingres's latest release of its open source database.