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French classical painter (1780-1867)

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A room of religious paintings shows how much Ingres was under the spell of Raphael.
Ingres Database was designed for use in mission-critical enterprise-class environments.
Ingres VectorWise, a database technology, meets broad business demands to analyse the exploding volumes of data.
Ingres will also work to support MOICT initiatives to promote open source through workshops, academic initiatives, and local partner support.
The alliance will initially focus on the Ingres Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Bundle, which uses the Alfresco open source platform and targets Alfresco's document management capabilities.
We are pleased to be the first to show the potential of this project through the Ingres Database built on open source.
Alex Lee, Managing Director for Lateral Minds, Alfresco's Australian Partner, said, "We applaud the release of the BI appliance from Ingres as this offers both rapid path to value for business users, but also allows business partners, such as Lateral Minds, the ability to deliver world class applications like Alfresco, to the business on a platform that is proven, scalable and cost effective.
With its trusted reliability, earned over 30 years, Ingres promises to be the main contender for many high volume deployments of these mission-critical applications in large-scale enterprises "LiveTime was able to seamlessly embed Ingres into their applications," said Dr.
Ingres r3, released into open source in August 2004, offers high database performance, scalability and manageability, including peer-to-peer replication and federated database support for advanced distributed query processing, claims the company.
Fortunately, despite his misgivings about the discipline, Ingres drew and painted portraits just about all his life, for which we must be deeply grateful.
The gallery of portraits by Ingres, begun in 1804 and completed in 1861, is that not the most faithful image of an epoch?
Like Gainsborough, Ingres became increasingly reluctant to paint portraits, and in the end accepted a sitter's commission only when frankly cornered by an influential patron.
After a thorough selection process, the INGRES relational database management system emerged as the best system for UT.
Ingres Corporation has signed a five-year contract with CLSI, Inc.
System Integrator uses Ingres 10S Geospatial and Quantum GIS to provide real time mapping solution for utility company