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a member of western Finnish people formerly living in the Baltic province where Saint Petersburg was built

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Founded in 1987, Ingerman creates high quality and sustainable residential communities with a heavy focus on customer service.
Ingerman has started to prepare the site for vertical construction, which is planned to commence during the fall.
The MFTE group, led by Ingerman and Kate Durda, participated in guided imagery, meditation, drumming, journal writing, and nature-based activities.
An American woman, Randi Ingerman, living there with her Italian partner, claims that a reality TV programme caused her to miscarry in the sixth week of her pregnancy.
The stars: Troy Beyer, Randi Ingerman and Paget Brewster.
Carrie Ingerman, 16, of Baton Rouge and Neil Nathan, 14, of Shreveport were Louisiana's top youth volunteers for 2011.
com)-- Ingerman & Horwitz, LLP announced today the joining of Partner, Thomas C.
James Fazzone, mayor of The City of Burlington, and members of the City of Burlington Common Council, joined representatives from Ingerman to break ground on Apartments at the Mill, Burlington County's newest affordable housing community.
at the forefront of a rekindled interest in shamanism, Sandra Ingerman has been a leader in the use of ancient spiritual practices not only for personal healing but also to heal the earth.
SHCM Patricia N&H Enterprises Orangebur SC Sherman, CPO, SHCM Sarah Sims WinnResidential Boston MA ,SHCM Michelle Lee Alliance Thornton CO Smith, SHCM Residential Cathy Stead, WinnResidential Lynchburg VA CPO, SHCM Maureen Ingerman Cherry Hill NJ Strong, SHCM Stephanie Arbour Valley Birmingham AL Tinney, SHCM Mgmt.
Keynote speakers; Alberto Villoldo, Charles Muir, Ohki Kimine Forest, Sandra Ingerman, Michael Mirdad, Raphael Cushnir.
Medicine For The Earth by professional mental health counselor and shamanism expert Sandra Ingerman is an exclusive guide to manipulation of environment to repel toxins and other damaging cells.
Ingerman M, Pitzakis PG, Rosenberg A, Hessen MT, Abrutyn E, Murray BE, et al.
WASHINGTON -- Two Louisiana students, Carrie Ingerman, 16, of Baton Rouge and Neil Nathan, 14, of Shreveport, were honored in the nation's capital last night for their outstanding volunteer work during the presentation of The 2011 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards.