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a member of western Finnish people formerly living in the Baltic province where Saint Petersburg was built

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Prof Nolan said: "I think we can be confident Inger was unconscious during this period.
Inger Sheil recalls another, small-scale maritime mishap that Lowe was involved in during his retirement.
Mrs Graham added: "I had my house re-wired recently but Inger didn't.
The Norwegian seafood group Domstein ASA said on Tuesday (14 June) that it had agreed to acquire the seafood wholesaler Inger Sorensen for an undisclosed sum.
On the same program Inger Lise Hansen used time-lapse photography to show the deterioration and movement of land and sea.
Although consultant Simon Inger of Scholarly Information Strategies, Ltd.
Cllr Barry Copp- inger, Middlesbrough Council's executive member for public protection, will also attend.
For Norway Roy Jacobsen and Inger Elisabeth Hansen have been nominated and for Sweden Kristina Lugn and Steve Sem-Sandberg.
Chicklet's abrupt personality changes make her a prime suspect for a series of killings among her beach set, but in Busch's pre-David Lynch joke on Middle America, normative behavior is every bit as suspicious: There are sexphobic moms who live to needlepoint; body-waxed surfer dudes who seem a little too stuck on each other; lily-white foreign exchange students who speak like Inger Stevens in The Farmer's Daughter.
Inger Thune and co-workers examined information that had been gathered on more than 25,000 healthy women between 1974 and 1983.
A study of 20,624 women by Inger Thune and her colleagues at the University of Tromso in Norway, published in the May I New England Journal of Medicine, found that those who worked out regularly cut their breast cancer risk by 72 percent.
In The Four Winds, Inger Holm graduates from high school in a small Norwegian town and goes to Scotland as an au pair.
Mess inger said she suggested to Trump the building of an Olympic-quality sports training facility, an idea that was presented to her when she was on the City Council.
Please announce your participation to: Inger Lundgren, phone +46 410 36 31 57, e-mail inger.