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English prelate noted for his pessimistic sermons and articles (1860-1954)

United States playwright (1913-1973)


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Greenfield and Cabnet note that Inge wrote the play later in his life.
inge GmbH, based in Greifenberg, Germany, is a world's leading provider of ultrafiltration technology, a membrane process used to treat drinking water, process water, wastewater and sea water.
If "Colonel Zuluaga" is a glaring reference to Conrad's "Kurtz" from "Heart of Darkness," their decision to have Inge and her dad share the family name of Isak Dinesen -- whose memoir "Out of Africa" Sydney Pollack adapted for commercial cinema screens -- signals the universality of the film's themes.
NATIONAL ACCLAIM: West Kirby rowers Inge Maj Saccheri, Kaya Saccheri and Rosa Kusabbi
Ursel and Inge actually met the great poet as well as the Queen, and Prince Philip Gudrun, who has been in charge of the choir for over 25 years, said proudly: "He is one of my favourite poets and we still use 'angels with pigtails' in our publicity.
Country: Germany, Sector: Waste Management/Environment, ChemicalsTarget: Inge Watertechnologies AG Buyer: BASF SEType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
At the Inge Festival, Rapp will portray Leander--who schemes with his lover Lucinda to foil Lucinda's father's plan for a prearranged marriage.
In fact, though Werner may have some boring eccentricities, he and Inge do have what appears to be a satisfying sex life.
In an interview with RadarOnline, a devastated Gayle McCready Inge even admitted covering up for her troubled 34-year-old daughter.
FOOTBALL-MAD Inge Haug has been named the superfan of Norway - for his devotion to Ipswich Town.
Inge Haug has made the 1,662-mile round trip 43 times since August 2009 to watch the Tractor Boys.
Actor John Pierce Jones, 64, and his American wife Inge Hanson, 51, adopted Iwan Prys, now 6, from the impoverished Caribbean island of Haiti when he was a baby.
The captivating images of a bygone era were taken by photographer Inge Morath, Irish actor Daniel Day Lewis's mother-inlaw, who travelled to Killorglin, Co Kerry, in August 1954 to snap the Puck Fair.
Entertaining alongside educational, "The Race" is a very strong choice and a great work from writer Inge Eisfeld Hill.