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English prelate noted for his pessimistic sermons and articles (1860-1954)

United States playwright (1913-1973)


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Inge has been with ADA since April 2004, overseeing the association's division of dental practice.
Pictured (back row) Lewis Egan, Edwin Maudsley, Ronin Gibbons, Joe Williams, Sam Crowe, Alex Davie (missing - Gabe Rutherford); (middle row) Frankie Wightman, Olivia Hogg, Rosa Kusabbi, Inge Mag Saccheri, Gemma Lowe, Raminat Virzintaite, Becky Roberts, Aliyah Billeau; (front row) Beth Watson, Alix Esclapez, Lauren Williams and Kaya Saccheri
I said that's it, and that's when I called emergency services," the Daily Telegraph quoted Inge as saying.
Iwan is now a lively, sociable boy who is sometimes too adventurous for his own good - a striking contrast to the weak, sickly baby whom John and Inge first saw in a Port-au-Prince hospital in Haiti.
Inge Maj was part of a group of nationally selected juniors aiming for call-ups to the junior GB squad this summer.
Police said the victim suffered "serious injuries" in the incident which began in Inge Street behind the city's Hippodrome Theatre at 1.
A FUN day with a consultation exercise attached is to be held on the Dalton estate at Harp Inge on Tuesday from 2pm to 7pm.
For further information: Media Relations (Trade Press): Inge Dyroff +49-6095-301-302 Inge.
IF 2004 was an unforgettable year for TV producer Inge Hanson and her actor husband John Pierce Jones, 2005 has turned out to be even more special.
The Tigers took a 2-0 lead in the first inning when Brandon Inge doubled and scored on Chris Shelton's home run.
But this was no ordinary visit for Saltburn complementary therapist Inge Westerlinck.
Lack of commitment could prove the undoing of triple Olympic gold medallist Inge de Bruijn at the world championships in Barcelona next week, according to her coach.
NO, it's not ET's aunties - it's Doris, Inge and Ann making the most of some spare time under the drier.