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in some recent classifications, coextensive with the Ciliata: minute organisms found in decomposing infusions of organic matter

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Active sludge contains four groups of protozoa: sarcodic, flagellate, ciliate infusoria, and suctorians, which absorb large amounts of bacteria thus controlling their optimal number.
saeana is small as compared to major carps the infusoria was continued for a period of 4-5 days.
Using] wads of asbestos previously calcined and not filled with dust, or filled with dust but heated afterwards, no turbidity, nor Infusoria, nor plants of any kind were ever produced.
The scene is one of degeneration and entropy, yet harbors a strange life: the life of infusoria and germs that was increasingly preoccupying the sciences.
Experimental evaluation of interaction between Yersinia pestis and soil infusoria and possibility of prolonged preservation of bacteria in the protozoan oocysts.