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in some recent classifications, coextensive with the Ciliata: minute organisms found in decomposing infusions of organic matter

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In what microscopic non-finiteness the millions of infusoria of those researchers would be lost; in what infiniteness of time, the joyous moment; and all these would be just as they are today.
Supply of infusoria and systems for continuous infiltration of the surgical wound for a period of 36 months.
The chain, or ladder, went down through the angels, through men, through the apes, down to the infusoria or protozoa, and below that to the plants and stones.
Russia produces an instrument complex "BioLaT" to assess toxicity by infusoria.
Active sludge contains four groups of protozoa: sarcodic, flagellate, ciliate infusoria, and suctorians, which absorb large amounts of bacteria thus controlling their optimal number.
saeana is small as compared to major carps the infusoria was continued for a period of 4-5 days.
Using] wads of asbestos previously calcined and not filled with dust, or filled with dust but heated afterwards, no turbidity, nor Infusoria, nor plants of any kind were ever produced.