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darken with a brownish tinge, as of insect wings

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Legs pale brownish-yellow; external surfaces of femur and patella lightly and uniformly infuscated.
90), the orange and brown coloration, legs uniformly orange, pale colored tibial spines without dark dots surrounding their bases, hemelytral membrane with distinctly infuscated areas (Fig.
Forewing hyaline and about apical fourth of wings slightly infuscate, with an infuscated crossband below apical third of marginal vein and stigmal vein, and a cluster of dark bristles below the apex of marginal vein.
4x as long as wide, faintly infuscated and with fine and dense microtrichia; marginal cilia absent.
pallidinervis, the scutellum is black; the legs are brownish yellow with all femora blackened except for each distal end, fore tibia weakly infuscated with dark brown medially, mid tibia narrowly and hind tibia broadly blackened medially, all tarsi pale yellow (Becker 1911; Kanmiya 1983).
Wing: CuA2 virtually at right angle to and in line with bm-cu, wing membrane with a distinctly infuscated tip and a small, circular discal macula extending from just anterior to R4+5 to M; tegula, basicosta and stem vein brown, similar to adjacent wing base, stem vein dorsally microsetulose at base; wing base with 3 long costagial setae, inner one very long and inclinate.
Genitalia: posterior margin of VII sternite with a strongly produced median lobe, medially concave, deeply sinuous on both sides; lateral angles rounded and less pronounced, with the median large subquadrate infuscated spot (Fig.
Wing infuscated with light brown, but 3 clear (non-infuscated), hyaline spots on cells r4+5, dm and m.
Legs: Ochre-yellow except for blackish tarsi, or sometimes (especially in small specimens) femora and hind tibia extensively brownish infuscated.
Wing hyaline, with brownish infuscated basal half, anterior margin of wing brown, dansely covered with microtrichia, pterostigma brown.
1] partially infuscated with several small, paired, diffuse brown markings, cell [r.
2); scutum finely punctate, scutellum smooth; scutum covered with short, dark semi-appressed hair-like setae; proepisternum, anterior and posterior parts of anepisternum, most of katepisternum, anepimeron, and laterotergite with short, semi-erect, whitish hair-like setae; foreleg entirely brownish black, except trochanter, which is more yellowish; midleg and hindleg each brownish black, except for trochanter, base of femur, and first 2 tarsomeres yellowish; legs with short, inconspicuous pilosity; wing almost imperceptibly infuscated, veins brownish, cell [r.
Within Purana, Qurana looks more allied to the Purana carmente species group proposed by Schouten & Duffels (2002) in having male tymbal covers each with a striking black mark and the forewing with the bases of apical cells 2 and 3 not being infuscated (Schouten & Duffels 2002; Lee 2009).
Species with infuscated wings do not have clouded/shaded crossveins (cf.