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Synonyms for infrared

the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum

electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than visible light but shorter than radio waves

having or employing wavelengths longer than light but shorter than radio waves

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This helps to combat UV and also infra-red light damage, and boosts against pollution and stress.
Early experiments have discovered that cancerous cells and healthy cells respond differently when exposed to certain infra-red light.
The Durham University team designed software and desks that recognise multiple touches on the desktop using vision systems that see infra-red light.
Interaction with the 3D display can be via a variety of devices, everything from a mouse or trackball, through to 3D gestural recognition devices, such as Microsoft's Kinect[TM] infra-red light projector.
The lights have an immediate strike up and as they do not emit ultra-violet or infra-red light and do not flicker, they are more sympathetic to workers' eyes.
But what's fascinating is that one of the three cameras on the face of the Kinect is actually an infra-red projector, throwing out infra-red light so the other camera can get a sense of your room in 3D.
The key is to reflect the near infra-red light from the surface before it has the chance to be absorbed," said Dr Trevor Sayer, managing director of UK-based Expertas, a colour science and technology company.
Surveillance systems are either passive systems using IR cameras, or active systems based on infra-red light sources, which are invisible for human eye, but detectable by optoelectronic sensors and cameras.
Fourier Transform Infra-red Spectroscopy is also employed to continuously analyse what comes out of the stacks of dedicated biomass plant, measuring how much infra-red light is absorbed by the sample.
The cameras produce pictures of the inside of cars after projecting two beams of infra-red light into them.
A camera and infra-red light source mounted under the bridge begins to track an aircraft's approach when it comes into range, about 25 metres from the gate.
These units can be used over a temperature range from -20[degrees] and +90[degrees]C and can be used for translucent liquids that are capable of transmitting infra-red light.
Infra-red light was effective in making plants grow stemmy and tall, while red caused shorter stems and bigger roots.
TDDL is a method of converting infra-red light emitted by diode lasers into visible light.