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SLP InfoWare, a Gemplus Company (Euronext: Sicovam 5768 and Nasdaq:GEMP), a provider of Predictive CRM (P-CRM) solutions, today announced that Siebel Systems has validated the integration between the company's Churn/CPS(TM), UpSell/CPS(TM), XSell/CPS(TM), and BadDebt/CPS(TM)applications and Siebel eCommunications.
Using the Predictive CRM solution from SLP InfoWare, SingTel Mobile can anticipate the needs of our customers and proactively control churn, " said Timothy Goh, CRM Director, Consumer Business SingTel.
Siebel eCommunications interoperates with and has commitment for validated integrations with other best-in-class industry applications including Portal Software for billing, SLP InfoWare for churn management, CEON for order management, Micromuse for network monitoring and NightFire's OSS gateway system.
is proud to announce the appearance of Jerome Nadel, vice president of Marketing Worldwide, SLP InfoWare, on Alexander Haig's World Business Review.
The fully diluted share count is expected to increase about 6% from Q4FY00 levels as a result of the IPO, the Celocom Limited and SLP InfoWare acquisitions and the one-time grant of stock options to all employees at the IPO.
Sold to Mercury Interactive) (Nasdaq:MERQ), Extricity, Intraspect Software, Novalux, nQuire Software, Pluris, Preview Systems (Nasdaq:PRVW), ProxiNet (Sold to Pumatech) (Nasdaq:PUMA), RangeStar Wireless, SLP Infoware (Sold to Gemplus) and Xporta.
As a Siebel Premier Software Partner, SLP InfoWare has integrated its Predictive-Customer Relationship Management (P-CRM) technology with Siebel eCommunications 2000, a version of the comprehensive Siebel eBusiness Applications designed especially for the communications industry.
Prime Response, sbasoft, SLP Infoware, Spider Technologies,
Gemplus, the world's leading provider of smart card-based solutions, security and wireless applications, today announced the acquisition of SLP InfoWare Inc.
Versata trained over 250 developers in the third quarter 2000 and signed over 15 new partnerships: including PSINet, Dunn Systems, Infoware, Logys, NetNumina, Pronto Solutions, Rubus and Symatrix.