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a period beginning in the last quarter of the 20th century when information became easily accessible through publications and through the manipulation of information by computers and computer networks

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Bulut (2010), "Cybernetic Capitalism, Informationalism, and Cognitive Labor," Geopolitics, History and International Relations 1(2): 11-40.
This is not a view that allows ICTs and informationalism any direct negative associations.
In the face of these structural divides, however, the more general point is that in an era of informationalism young people simply have more media options--in terms of both the technologies used and the content available.
Its new forms now exhibit themselves in finance capitalism, informationalism, knowledge capitalism and the learning economy with incipient nodal developments associated with the creative and open knowledge (and science) economies.
In business circles, the power of "networking" and "synergy" have been recognised to some degree or another but became particularly popular catchphrases during the last quarter of the 20th century with the ascendency of informationalism.
For Castells, the workforce under informationalism has become divided into what he terms 'self-programmable' and 'generic' labour (1996b: 341).
The rise of informationalism at the end of this millennium is intertwined with rising inequality and social exclusion throughout the world.
The history begins with Carnap and traces the debate from Instrumentalism (Dennett) through Rationalism (Fodor), Teleology (Millikan), Informationalism (Dretske), and Functionalism (Loar).
Much of this rapid transformation of digital logic and the properties of systems can be captured in the notion of "algorithmic capitalism" (Peters, 2012a; 2012c; 2013) as an aspect of informationalism (informational capitalism) or "cybernetic capitalism," a term that recognizes more precisely the cybernetic system similarities among various sectors of the post-industrial capitalist economy in its third phase of development--from mercantilism to industrialism and finally to cybernetics--linking the growth of the multinational info-utilities (e.
Rodrigo Britez, & Ergin Bulut (2010), "Cybernetic Capitalism, Informationalism, and Cognitive Labor," Geopolitics, History, and International Relations 1(2): 11-40.
The operation of technology in the informationalism and securitisation of labour and global production systems is critical at this time.
Indeed, in the era of informationalism, criticism, as opposed to reviews, is practically a subversive political act, challenging consumerist approaches to culture and resisting the monetizing logic of the market.
Globalisation, contemporaneous capitalism, productive restructuring, informationalism, neo-liberalism
The geographic framework is drawn on in The Information Age, especially Volume 1, The Rise of the Network Society, which is a careful and comprehensive update of Daniel Bell's postulation of a post-industrial age, recast in terms of informationalism, empirically elaborated (sometimes excessively so) and globally aware.
Rodrigo Britez, and Ergin Bulut (2010), "Cybernetic Capitalism, Informationalism, and Cognitive Labor," Geopolitics, History and International Relations 1(2): 11-40.
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