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a television commercial presented in the form of a short documentary

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James and Cunningham (1987) found shoppers of direct television ads watch significantly more television during late night and early morning hours, when most infomercials are aired, than nonshoppers.
Grillo points out that drug stores and other retailers tend to record greater sales when products that are featured on infomercials are merchandised with similar products rather than in separate "as seen on TV" aisles.
Many people have a perception that infomercials are the domain of late night and early morning shows selling Ginsu knives.
Jay Kordich, spokesman for Juiceman juice extractors, introduced the product via infomercial first in 1991.
A lot of people have spent $500,000 only to donate the tape to a local college to be (erased) and have something else put on it," said Levey, who estimates only about one in a dozen infomercials is successful.
Infomercials can strategically provide the foundation for retail roll-out.
The effectiveness of infomercials in driving customer inquiries in financial services categories is well documented.
In addition, Avisana expects to produce websites that use advanced streaming video web technology and its TV infomercials and support major web retailers like Amazon.
a leading producer of direct response infomercial campaigns, today announced that the company has acquired the exclusive worldwide marketing rights for a new abdominal fitness machine, the KrunchMaster([R]) from P.
Hawatmeh said he anticipates that filming of the infomercial featuring the four-time heavyweight champion of the world will be filmed in mid-October with full roll out expected in December.
OTCBB:HESG), provider of innovative health and wellness products, announced that it will begin airing a 30-minute television infomercial for its Sequesterol(TM) nutritional supplement.
SALT LAKE CITY -- CirTran Corporation (OTC BB: CIRT), a full-service contract manufacturer of IT, consumer and consumer electronics products, said today that its infomercial for the True Ceramic Pro Flat Iron Kit has gained national recognition among the "Top Infomercials of 2005.
Earlier this week CirTran announced that Holyfield had endorsed The Real Deal Grill, including being in TV infomercials and print ads for the product.
OTCBB: CIRT) announced it has joined forces with former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield to market and promote "The Real Deal Grill(TM)," a new electric indoor/outdoor cooking product to be sold via TV infomercials.
is a firm engaged in the marketing, production and distribution of infomercials.