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a television commercial presented in the form of a short documentary

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On the late-night infomercials, Miss Cleo said she was a mystical shaman from Jamaica.
4,5) Infomercials often promote health-related products, so the health education curriculum offers an ideal setting for incorporating media literacy skills.
Laugh if you want--after all, Mantra founder and now multimillionaire Joe Francis is laughing all the way across the tarmac to his two private planes--but "Girls Gone Wild" has helped change the face of infomercials.
Usually a direct response element is associated with infomercials (e.
The federal government has subpoenaed infomercial host Jake Bernstein and MBH Commodity Advisors.
Fantom has added short-form spots, and Hoover is supplementing its new product advertising with long- and short-form infomercials to drive retail sales, company executives said.
According to the National Infomercial Marketing Association, product sales through infomercials has doubled every year since 1984, with infomercials bringing in over $500 million worth of product sales in 1991 [Schlossberg 1992].
Of this, close to $1 billion in 1993 came from infomercials, 10 minute to half-hour commercials that use star names to pitch product in a format that attempts to combine selling with entertainment.
Now the equation may be inverted, with marketers that have a strong retail presence moving into infomercials.
Rules to Follow by the Infomercial Advertiser Classification
WGN-TV has deflected questions about its ethics after a Metropolitan Community Church parish slapped the Chicago-based station with a lawsuit on October 27 for refusing to run a pro-gay infomercial.
NEW YORK -- An increasing number of home health care suppliers are using infomercials to supplement their marketing and ultimately to drive sales at retail, according to vendors.
As Bob Dole worked the West Coast and President Clinton paid calls along the Eastern seaboard, Ross Perot left the campaign trial Sunday to tape his election-eve infomercials at a Dallas television production studio.
Ross Perot popularized infomercials in the presidential campaign of 1992, and they have recently become a widely used advertising vehicle.
based firm, has produced infomercials for Didiseven stain remover, which is sold in over 40,000 retail outlets, including those run by CVS and American Drug Stores.