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This group originated from two infinitive verbs combined by the associative relation (particle) word le.
Yet in The Logic of Sense, Deleuze combines the symbolic with expressionism in his concept of the infinitive verb, whose sense symbolises all possible actions as well as all their possible juxtapositions univocally, on the metaphysical surface of language.
In constructions containing an infinitival dependent, a higher argument is often construed as the subject of the infinitive verb.
In (20b), for instance, the butler is part of the semantic valency of the infinitive verb, but it is also the "object" of the main verb, as indicated e.
The discourse motivators for the hacer + infinitive verb structure are similar to those in other borrowing and code-switching contexts, yet this bilingual southwestern verb paradigm is distinctive for several reasons.
zitten `sit') ask for an infinitive verb with an infinitival marker te (e.
Mercari, the Latin infinitive verb meaning "to trade," is releasing its third Internet-enabled application that helps retailers prevent missed sales.
In German, the infinitive verb form can take on several meanings simultaneously: as the so-called "progressive" tense expressing an action in process (as here rendered by the translators), as an imperative and simply as the name for an action or activity.
An interesting example of omission, one which has not previously been reported for child speech, consisted of omissions of the tap in infinitive verb forms before a consonant initial enclitic pronoun.