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Its good preparation because the climate makes the course harder for us and we have to practice our job as infantrymen in this specific context, said Capitaine Benoit, French Army infantry officer.
Established in 1919, Fort Benning trained thousands of WWII soldiers and continues to instruct infantrymen today.
We have also not forgotten the conditioning and bonding potential of the long-used bayonet assault course and are reexamining the bayonet training that was integral to how we trained Infantrymen from World War I through Vietnam and well into the Cold War.
It would be difficult, perhaps even impossible, to express in words how Bill's cartoons touched those infantrymen.
The four soldiers are infantrymen assigned to C Co.
According to the Guardian, infantrymen from the historic Nepalese brigade making up most of those in the army, will be told that they have been selected for compulsory redundancy.
The YouTube user who posted it identified the dancers as Israeli infantrymen
To clarify, Ymker was referring to the average number of days of combat that infantrymen saw.
Mauldin became known during World War II for his Willie and Joe characters in cartoons that took a humorous look at military life through the eyes of infantrymen.
You duck when they say duck, these pragmatists, infantrymen who listen to orders and get the job done.
A BRITISH soldier could be charged with manslaughter by way of gross negligence over the "friendly fire" deaths of three infantrymen in Afghanistan.
Conservative MP Patrick Mercer, who obtained the figures through parliamentary questions, said that if the pattern was repeated across the whole Army, as many as 7,000 infantrymen could be unfit.
The Byzantine Army was built on a belief system emphasizing overwhelming force and infantrymen were trained on fighting in formation.
Chemical weapons have turned the planet into a toxic wasteland so regular soldiers have to use respirators and special suits just to stay alive, but Rogue and his fellow blue-skinned infantrymen are immune to the poisons.
Consequently, Central Command sharply limited the number and kind of troops that were to come to Afghanistan and also turned down ground commanders' requests for more helicopters, supporting artillery, and infantrymen.