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Induced hypothermia (IH) has been used in postcardiac-arrest patient populations for decades because of its cardioprotective properties (Peberdy et al.
Primary percutaneous coronary intervention and mild induced hypothermia in comatose survivors of ventricular fibrillation with ST-elevation acute myocardial infarction.
It is also important to treat infants with moderate to severe HIE with induced hypothermia to reduce neurological disability and mortality.
The patient was transported to intensive care unit with pneumonia and encephalitis related sepsis that induced hypothermia.
Secondly, in developing countries asphyxia may occur against a background of high incidences of fetal/neonatal infection and growth retardation, which potentially also affect neurodevelopmental outcome and the response to induced hypothermia.
Induced hypothermia as salvage treatment for refractory cardiac failure following paediatric cardiac surgery.
Induced hypothermia for patients with cardiac arrest.
Its features include normothermia management, controls induced hypothermia and provides precise re-warming, real time dynamic feedback loop from patient to machine, proprietary temperature management algorithms and it supports of wide range of perioperative procedures, both in the paediatric and adult settings.
Hypothermia has been studied in more detail than hyperthermia because of the clinical interest in induced hypothermia during surgery, especially during cardiopulmonary bypass.
It did so by condoning torture and abuse and creating an extraordinary rendition program that flew detainees to overseas prisons, where they were subjected to abuses ranging from mock executions to induced hypothermia.
In addition, unresponsive cardiac arrest survivors maintaining adequate blood pressure should be evaluated for induced hypothermia.
Neferine induced hypothermia in mice and apparently potentiated thiopental-induced sleeping time.
As of February 2004, 13 patients had been evaluated according to the protocol, and three patients did not meet the criteria for induced hypothermia.
Patients assigned to the normothermia arm will receive routine standard of care without induced hypothermia.
fought for language in the bill that he believes would stop practices such as simulated drowning, prolonged sleep deprivation and induced hypothermia, but many lawyers believe the administration could interpret the law to permit such abuse.