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Although obtaining an induced sputum specimen is a simple and well-tolerated procedure, [14] it needs to be conducted by a trained healthcare worker.
specimen Candida species Oropharyneal, Atypical forms Mucosal oesophageal scrapings, and vulvo- brushings or vaginal biopsy mucosa Cryptococcus Meninges and All suspected Cerebrospinal species brain cases fluid Blood (or serum) Pneumocystis Pulmonary All suspected Induced sputum, jirovecii cases bronchoalveolar lavage, lung biopsy, etc.
Induced sputum in patients with newly diagnosed sarcoidosis: comparison with bronchial wash and BAL.
Induced sputum versus gastric lavage for microbiological confirmation of pulmonary TB in infants and young children: a prospective study Lancet 2005;365:130-134.
Induced sputum derives from the central airways: confirmation using a radiolabeled aerosol bolus delivery technique.
We describe here the incidence of PcP from a large cohort study of HIV-infected Malawian adults that used a comprehensive diagnostic approach that included induced sputum with IF staining, real-time PCR, and follow-up after diagnosis and treatment.
7) Analysis of CLAT from induced sputum by Bottone and colleagues recorded 2/9 patients with proven cryptococcal pneumonia having a positive sputum CLAT.
To evaluate the effect of As using lung-specific, minimally invasive techniques, we chose to determine the effect of As on levels of RAGE in human induced sputum.
An increased number of eosinophils on induced sputum is diagnostic, and the initial treatment is inhaled corticosteroids.
Bronchoscopy is expensive, and induced sputum also requires specialized equipment and personnel to obtain adequate samples.
An induced sputum specimen, produced by nebulisation with hypertonic saline, is valuable in patients unable to produce sputum.
A number of specimens have been used for confirmation of PTB including gastric aspirates (GL), induced sputum (IS), bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) or ear swabs (in the presence of a chronically discharging ear).
Total nonsquamous cell counts were performed in a hemocytometer and expressed as millions per milligram of selected induced sputum.
ISS produced statistically significant elevations, in both peripheral blood and induced sputum, of genes induced by alpha interferon, the main agent in the biological cascade triggered by ISS.