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the dialect of Malay used as the national language of the Republic of Indonesia or of Malaysia

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Aside from Kebaya, other Indonesian fashions are "Bodo" and "Mingakabau" shirts from South Sulawesi, "Kurung" shirt from West Sumatra, "Balinese" shirt from Bali, "Betawi" shirt from Jakarta, and many other traditional fashions.
The success of Indonesia's 2004 national elections, and the joint Indonesian and United States response to the tragic earthquake and tsunami of December 26, 2004 have opened a window of opportunity for U.
to an Indonesian government auditing board assessing interest obligations on back taxes;
Medan -- The Boxing Day 2004 tsunami hit six countries, the worst hit area being Aceh, Indonesia, where many ethnic Chinese Indonesians live and who also lost many family members.
Arriving at 0900, we were able to coordinate with the Indonesians and the civilian relief agencies, and within an hour have our first load of supplies moving down the west coast.
Ilmi told him that he had been brought up to hate the Chinese--a hatred increased by the fact that many Indonesian Chinese are Christian.
The regular recurrence of the problem of illegal Indonesian labour migration into Malaysia and the elusiveness of viable solutions has opened the way for scholarly research to be undertaken to illuminate the fundamental issues involved that impede the search for solutions.
According to police investigations, the 46-year-old woman, who declined to be identified, was attacked by the two men while returning to her apartment in Hamamatsu together with an Indonesian couple.
In 1989, under the pretext of attacks by the Free Aceh Movement (or GAM), Indonesian security forces launched a counterinsurgency effort.
The National Defense University's Institute for National Security Studies in Washington recommended this year that the United States increase the number of Indonesian officers enrolled in U.
corporation conducted operations in Indonesia with a controlled entity of the Indonesian government.
The Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency reached a deal with a Malaysian builders group to invest several hundred million dollars in road construction, and Malaysian developer SAJ Holdings has begun planning a $1.
Tribune News Network Doha Indonesian Embassy in Qatar in collaboration with its community association in Qatar (Permiqa), Akhyar TV, Indonesian Muslim Society in Qatar (Imsqa), and Messaied and Wakrah Indonesian Community (Mesra) organised a series of lectures on Islam recently.
Indonesian Consul General Mohamad Hery Saripudin and Col.
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