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fire delivered on a target that is not itself used as the point of aim for the weapons

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The overall attack on the AGIF began several hours before the first indirect-fire and small-arms rounds hit the base itself.
With precision-guided munitions, the mortar will be the ground commander's "hip-pocket" indirect-fire weapon.
Since the 1980s, Russia has had at least two types of laser spot-homing indirect-fire weapons: the 120 mm Gran and the 240 mm 9K113 Smelchak.
Mortar boats were nearly perfect for their intended mission--to provide indirect-fire support during the most vulnerable time of the amphibious operation.
PVT Nicholas Cruz from the 1st Infantry Division's Company C, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment, shoots an azimuth toward a target reference point during indirect-fire training on Falcon 4 range in the town of Ramnjane.
How can this metric realistically be evaluated in an indirect-fire scenario?
The cancellation of Crusader in May prompted Defense Department officials to ask the FCS program office to figure out ways to accelerate the indirect-fire portion of FCS.
Key user requirements include a minimum range of 15 km; air transportability (both by fixed-wing transporter and as a helicopter sling-load); a 75-m circular error of probability against a 155mm shell at a range of 15 km and an elevation of 25[degrees]; a 50-percent probability of detection; an operational availability figure of at least 95 percent over a 30-day in-action period and interoperability with indirect-fire systems via digital links.
AWES is the exercise control, position tracking and area weapons indirect-fire effects portion of the British Army's Enhanced Tactical Engagement Simulation (TES) system, a training system with features not found in any other combat training system in existence today.