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a tax levied on goods or services rather than on persons or organizations

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Murtaza Mughal, President Pakistan Economy Watch, Iftikhar Khan and Malik Sohail, he said that country is suffering from regressive tax system as over seventy per cent of the taxes are collected through indirect taxation.
Declaration Issued By Respective Indirect Taxation Authority That Bidder Has Clear Indirect
Indirect taxation has long been an issue in Turkey, where two-thirds of governmental revenues are levied from citizens via indirect taxes.
Of these additional taxes 805 million euros to come from direct taxation and 930 million euros from indirect taxation (such as VAT).
The forum, divided into various sittings, will discuss key initiatives on topics like "global tax policy initiatives - issues and challenges for MENA countries," "strategies and solutions for countries in the region in response to global tax policy initiatives," "practical application of transfer pricing rules in the MENA region," "application and enforcement of indirect taxation regimes and VAT in the MENA region," "new developments in taxation of the extractive sector," "cross-border taxation of Islamic finance transactions," "taxation of services in the MENA region," "Zakat application in the region" and "tax audits and dispute resolutions.
offers indirect taxation solutions for thousands of distinct products and services with taxation in over 100 countries, representing more than 70,000 jurisdictions.
Perhaps we will soon see indirect taxation raised by infrastructure Rebecca Tolls on the M4 at the Brynglas Tunnels, the A470 south of Merthyr, the A40 east of St Clears and on the A55 tolls every 20 miles or so.
But by broadening the tax net, more tax revenue will surely be generated through increased indirect taxation which will also increase direct taxation in the course of time -- as documentation will increase.
The two-day conference shall see five breakaway groups of Chief Commissioners and Directors General deliberating intensively on five major areas of governance in the realm of indirect taxation.
The new rules on VAT and Duties tribunals are a result of the merger between the Inland Revenue and HM Customs, which seeks to establish a common system for direct and indirect taxation tribunals.
While the indirect taxation of punters was almost certainly unlawful, this was not true of the levy element of 'deductions' that, quite reasonably, could have been retained, leaving bookmakers to pay all the GPT at 17.
Because these essentially involve the evasion of duty, they are painfully expensive to EU institutions, which depend on this indirect taxation revenue.
XBRL GL was designed to facilitate the simultaneous capture and representation of information for both books and tax purposes, capturing permanent and timing differences, tax-specific accounts and entries, and information needed for both direct and indirect taxation.
He added: "There is only so far they can squeeze our industry when you take into account indirect taxation such as tolls, fuel and insurance to name but a few.
Failure to increase income tax while expanding indirect taxation has left the poorest in our society paying a higher proportion in tax than the rich.