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genus of tropical herbs and shrubs having odd-pinnate leaves and spurred flowers in long racemes or spikes

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At the site A (Kot Diji),the highest intensity of grazing was found for Indigofera oblongifolia with 56.
Canonical correspondence ordination of seed bank at site Dingarh Fort area (CCA seed bank data) showing the relationships between species (triangles) and environmental variables (arrows) Eragrostis barreliri= Eba, Ochthochloa compressa=Oco; Cenchrus biflorus=Cbi; Cenchrus ciliaris =Cci; Aristida funiculata=Afu; Tribulus longipetalus=T\o; Sasuvium sasuvioides= Ssa; Mollugo cerviana =Mce; Indigofera hocstetteri= Iho; Gisekiapharnaceoides= Gph; Euphorbia prostrata=Epr, Foeniculum velgarus=Fve; Dipterygium gluacum=Dgl; Capparis decidua=Cde;Calligonum polygonoides =Cpo; Acacia nilotica=Ani; Fagonia cretica=Fin, Stipagrostis plumosa= Spl.
It is appreciated worldwide, but to recreate this loved colour in textiles [before the advent of synthetic dyes in the 20th century] there was only one natural blue dye and that is indigo extracted from various plant genera [not least Indigofera tinctoria].
Indigofera was first discovered in the Indus Valley about 4000 years ago, making the color indigo as old as the history of the region where it was first discovered.
leaves, indigofera leaves and bark of sebangki (Neesia sp).
En esta etapa se destacan tambien, hierbas del genero Heliotropium, Acmella, Verbesina, Desmodium, Indigofera, Asclepias, y Sida, este habito es muy comun en la fase inicial del proceso de colonizacion, donde especies pioneras, como las nombradas anteriormente, se dispersan de forma facil y rapida ampliando su rango de distribucion y en la mayoria de las veces facilitando la aparicion de especies pioneras de larga duracion (Vargas, 2007).
The diet is made up of species of Acacia, Indigofera, Dispera and Tribulus.
Super Napier, Indigofera, Centrosema, mulberry, Stylo and many others are some examples of recommended forages for farm animals, not just small ruminants.
The ground layer is composed of species such as indigofera suffaiticosa, lippie javanica and regenerations of colophospermum mopane, diospyros quiloensis and a wide variety of mature and regenerating Acacia species.
72) La indigofera tinctoria, procedente de la India, era muy costosa y se sustituyo a menudo por el pastel (isatis tinctoria), cultivado en toda Europa y mucho mas economico, aunque su color no era tan intenso y resistente (D.
Euphorbiaceae) (Vincent 2013*), Harrisia brookii Britton (Cactaceae) (Vincent 2007*), Indigofera spicata Forssk.
com)-- Unspoken Treasure, a newly formed publishing company, recently released a new album on June 30, called Strong by new musical artist, Indigofera.
BMM, BP-E HER Indigofera miniata Ortega BP-E, BTC HER Leucaena diversifolia (Schltdl.
But indigofera roxberghii it's kind of sad for the treatment of kidney and bladder stones are used.