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a red pigment composed in part from ferric oxide which is often used in paints and cosmetics

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a red soil containing ferric oxide

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a reddish-brown color resembling the red soil used as body paint by American Indians

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Addressing the gathering at the felicitation function at Indian Red Cross Society today at the end of the World Donors' Week, Azad said it is vital that we ensure that anyone, anywhere who needs blood gets safe blood promptly, particularly the mothers and children under our ambitious safe motherhood and infant scheme - Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram.
Indian red - with a lower-case ``i'' - debuted in the Crayola lineup in 1958, when the 64-crayon box was introduced.
The Secretary of the Odisha chapter of the Indian Red Cross Society, Mangala Prasad Mohanty, said that the children also learn more about AIDS through such initiatives than the academic textbooks.
These will include UNICEF, the American Red Cross/ Pakistan Red Crescent and Indian Red Cross Societies, and Save the Children.
They may no longer associate loud symbols of Indianness with patriotism -- and while they would want to see the saree in films or on the Indian red carpet, in the international area, they would rather that India adheres to standard global norms.
Her jewellery, though suitably in sync with her look, seemed to be pulled out from her personal collection as the lady was seen in it at other occasions on the Indian red carpet.
In the early days of its response to the disaster, American Red Cross workers based in India on an existing American Red Cross project building the Indian Red Cross Society's capacity to provide psychosocial support were deployed to the Maldives and other affected areas.
He added that in India, the Indian Red Cross Society and St.
The list included Indian red sugar which contains impurities, insects and has a foul smell.
One novelty was to be served with Indian red wine - wonderfully soft and fruity and far, far too easy to swig down at a long lunchtime session.
It reminds me of the grace and beauty in Cuba's nature - the aquamarine waters, the yellow ochres of the fruits, the Indian red sunsets.
The list included Indian red sugar which contain impurities, insects and has bad smell.
Crayola Crayons used to have a colour called Indian Red.
A big hit on the International as well as the Indian red carpet, Amrapali jewellery works with both Indian and western wear.
The Indian Red Cross Society also had disaster response teams ready while the air force, fresh from helping evacuate thousands from floods in the Himalayas in June, flew in food and medical supplies to Bhubaneswar.
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