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a center equipped to handle a large volume of telephone calls (especially for taking orders or serving customers)


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As part of the authors' transnational approach, the early part of the book is dedicated to exploring the "politics of representation through which the figure of the Indian call centre agent is rendered intelligible in the West.
Scott might call the "hidden transcript" of the Indian call centre labour force that daily tends to the communicative requirements of global capitalism.
Indian Call Centre Agents Pose as Americans for US Outsourced Firms", Industrial Relations, 46(2): 271-304.
A RETIRED paramedic from Ladywood has been left fuming after BT claimed that its Indian call centre staff could not understand her Brummie accent.
I HAVE just had the kind of week where I spoke to one Indian call centre too many.
In any other profession they'd have been replaced years ago by an Indian call centre.
A British newspaper investigation revealed that customer details, including bank accounts, passport numbers, mobile numbers and even medical records, can be bought from poorly paid Indian call centre workers for small amounts of cash.
When I did get through it was to someone in an Indian call centre who said they had no record of my previous calls.
Do you want to spend loads of time and money on phone calls to an Indian call centre because your broadband does not load?
Indian call centre workers earn pounds 2,000 a year compared with about pounds 12,000 for UK staff.
IBM also bought Indian call centre management company Daksh eServices, one of the country's largest outsourcing businesses, for about $170 million.
BANGALORE - US-based Capital One Financial Services has discontinued use of Wipro Spectramind's telemarketing services for its credit card operations, citing slips in the quality of service by the Indian call centre giant.
I hate the men and women who phone my home every day, from some Indian call centre and ask: "Can speak to Mr Jackson, please?
The only problem is, as I have mentioned before, that I can't receive HD broadcasts, despite an hour and a half on the telephone to an Indian call centre (during which I lost the TV picture entirely) and the personal attendance of a Virgin TV engineer who said I needed a sound cable.
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