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a center equipped to handle a large volume of telephone calls (especially for taking orders or serving customers)


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If the Middlesbrough call centre workers in Lloyd's account are subjectively ambivalent, the figure of the Indian call centre worker is, as the authors identify in yet another conceptual offering, one of "pseudohybridity.
2009), "Experiencing Depersonalized Bullying: a Study of Indian Call Centre Agents", Work Organiza tion, Labour and Globalization, 3 (1): 2646.
Carwyn then trumpets the "creation" of hundreds of jobs by an Indian call centre company.
I hate the men and women who phone my home every day, from some Indian call centre and ask: "Can speak to Mr Jackson, please?
A RETIRED paramedic from Ladywood has been left fuming after BT claimed that its Indian call centre staff could not understand her Brummie accent.
I HAVE just had the kind of week where I spoke to one Indian call centre too many.
The only problem is, as I have mentioned before, that I can't receive HD broadcasts, despite an hour and a half on the telephone to an Indian call centre (during which I lost the TV picture entirely) and the personal attendance of a Virgin TV engineer who said I needed a sound cable.
The line was poor, crackling so much it was too difficult to talk, and the Indian call centre woman gave up and put the phone down.
Customers calling to make a claim for loss or damage were having to explain basic concepts to Indian call centre staff due to cultural differences, such as how a broken immersion heater could cause flood damage, according to Norwich Union.
When I did get through it was to someone in an Indian call centre who said they had no record of my previous calls.
Do you want to spend loads of time and money on phone calls to an Indian call centre because your broadband does not load?
CUSTOMER security is the highest priority said the banks when it was revealed Indian call centre workers were flogging account details for pounds 3 a go.
If Indian call centre provider FirstSource locates in Cardiff, it will be the latest operator to invest in the capital
The king of prank calls is in festive mood, featuring George the scamster, Irish Mike, Terry Tibbs, Indian Call Centre and Mr Miggins, as well as Fonejacker himself out in the streets.
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