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Then we pumped with the feeble head-pump, drew water with buckets, and in this way managed in time to pour lots of Indian Ocean into the main hatch.
And we have a non-binding commitment that catch limits for the tuna resources of the Indian Ocean will be considered at the 2012 meeting, which could be a big step nowhere.
Eyes Across the Water: navigating the Indian Ocean is a sumptuous buffet of a book with its 24 chapters written by scholars drawn from India, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, Norway, Europe and Australia.
Kaplan vividly illustrates this new world, which he centers not in Europe or the Americas but in the Indian Ocean.
A major advantage of a consultation and coordination platform would be the ability of the Indian Ocean countries to pursue the expansion of regional logistical links as trans-Asian projects, rather than as initiatives of specific countries.
David Brewster, a senior analyst with the National Security College, Australian National University, has predicted greater strategic rivalry between major powers, including India and China, as both have an eye on expanding their roles and presence in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).
The Indian Ocean is an important area of study, as the diverse region connects the Red Sea to the African continent, the Middle East, the Asian sub-continent, and the Far East.
Mwaruma has urged fishermen and travellers to desist from plying the Indian Ocean very early in the mornings avert tragedies.
China's independently-developed underwater glider, Haiyi, which means "sea wings" in Chinese, has successfully completed a scientific observation in the Indian Ocean, marking the first time that the country's indigenous underwater glider was used in this ocean, according to Global Times here on Friday.
He also thanked the people and the government of Bangladesh for helping Rohingya Muslim refugees and stated that "the Indian Ocean will be secured completely if foreign countries do not interfere in its affairs.
To build the capacity of the Indian Ocean Member states on Tsunami Evacuation Maps, Plans, and Procedures, To strengthen the capacity of IOTIC and BMKG in their services in training and development, To enhance the portfolio of training materials, modules and delivery method on Tsunami Evacuation Maps, Plans, and Procedures
Wading through the Indian Ocean now is a Yuan class -- conventional diesel electric -- submarine which is better that aging Indian Sub.
Piracy, which threatened the maritime commerce in the Western Indian Ocean has declined over the years, but not been completely eradicated.
Historical interactions between Africa and Asia through the maritime highway of the Indian Ocean world have been gaining an increasing scholarly attention in the last decades (for a recent survey, see Tor Sellstrom, 2016).
The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and subsequent events in the Indian and Pacific Oceans have brought to the attention of the world the urgent need to be more prepared for such events,' said Abdul Rashid, Chief Meteorologist.
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