India ink

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a black liquid ink used for printing or writing or drawing


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India ink preparation is a simple procedure and it is used as a screening procedure in cases of cryptococcal meningitis.
Waltercio Caldas's drawing 1, 2009, is a straightforward composition of india ink and pins on paper; two diamond forms--one small and red; the other, larger and black--slightly intersect near a spot of printed text reading SIMPLES.
I water down a bottle of black india ink for a gray wash, and use another bottle at full strength.
Larson prefers the rare and demanding medium of scratchboard for her artwork, painting her subject solidly with black India ink, then using a keenly sharp knife to scratch out the detail.
The outdoor, rustic influence was also a big presence in pillow collections from manufacturers such as India Ink.
His pronounced acrylic and India ink illustrations, which juxtapose the past with the present, depict the desolate and dangerous beauty of the Arctic as well as the vast open spaces of our country.
His ability to create dramatic, multi-valued tonal illustrations using straight India ink and board was unparalleled," said DC Comics publisher Jim Lee, who worked with Colan.
Most of the tattoos you see in the movies are drawn on daily at the studio with a pen and India ink or even a Sharpie pen and then powdered to seal it,'' says Dusty Geisman, owner of the Purple Haze tattoo parlor in Northridge.
Bath accessories which garnered the most favorable responses from retailers included items from Fieldcrest Cannon, Croscill, Springs and India Ink, as well as offerings from smaller manufacturers.
Black and colored glues are available commercially, of course, but you can make your own by mixing India ink into regular (permanent) white glue.
The illustrations are delicious, rendered in acrylic and India ink on panel.
A drawing on the wall depicted a map much like the large globe, made of India ink on white acrylic; here, however, the source paper is Le Monde.
The final sketch was then painted over with a thin brush and India ink.
Homemade tattoos of blue and black India ink seen on gang members are relatively easy to remove.
India ink or watercolor cakes can be used, as both work well.
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