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a black liquid ink used for printing or writing or drawing


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India Ink also quoted National AIDS Control Organisation chief V.
All laboratories participated quarterly in National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, MD, USA) sponsored external quality assurance testing for fungal culture, India ink microscopy, and CRAG testing.
The outdoor, rustic influence was also a big presence in pillow collections from manufacturers such as India Ink.
When Tommy was 10, she tattooed a pair of boxing gloves on his biceps, using a hot needle and India ink.
Finally, load a brush with India ink and add a few finishing touches to your "negative.
Flanking a panel of uninflected egg-yolk yellow are two careful colored pencil and india ink studies of what look like architectural forms--intersections of beams, planks, or scaffolding.
Ample supply of newspaper, 8 x 13" (20 x 33 cm) newsprint, paper towels for blotting, a container of water, a dish with India ink, and various sizes of bamboo brushes
Bath accessories which garnered the most favorable responses from retailers included items from Fieldcrest Cannon, Croscill, Springs and India Ink, as well as offerings from smaller manufacturers.
Old-time quill pens and bottles of India ink were just what was needed to bring out the details of the pencil drawings and writing.
Experimenting with watercolor, gouache, India ink, and crayon, the graphic Pollock examined in this exhibition and its catalogue (with essays by Davidson, David Anfam, and Peggy Ellis) is well worth another look.
Newsprint paper, felt-tip pens, markers, India ink, HB pencils, crayons, acrylic paint, yardstick, compass, and Bristol board.
Watercolor could be used for the black outlines, but I prefer India ink.
Outraged by Marcus Harvey's exploitation of '60s child-killer Myra Hindley's mug shot in his painting Myra, 1995--The Sport described the artist as a "young bastard" who was "swanning around lslington enjoying the toasts of artworld ponces and practically having a w*nk over the reaction to his painting"--then gleeful when it was spattered with India ink and half a dozen eggs, while on display in "Sensation.
Black acrylic paint, India ink or food-coloring dye
The key words are also painted in India ink on glass plates and shown as a slide show.
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