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He was the head of all the Keddah operations--the man who caught all the elephants for the Government of India, and who knew more about the ways of elephants than any living man.
My father, who was deeply anxious to secure the friendship of so powerful a monarch, and held besides that a little travel would greatly improve my manners and open my mind, accepted gladly, and in a short time I had set out for India with the ambassador, attended only by a small suite on account of the length of the journey, and the badness of the roads.
He ought to know that he would not be safe an hour in India, which is English soil.
Mulvaney knew a contractor on one of the new Central India lines, and wrote to him for some sort of work.
Adornment of all India, heave to, or I'll bang every toe off your forefoot
His father was worth perhaps half a million sterling, but India is the only democratic land in the world.
Little country villages at Home are very full of nice girls, because all the young men come out to India to make their fortunes.
When the old king--who was suspicious of the English, their railways and telegraphs--died, Purun Dass stood high with his young successor, who had been tutored by an Englishman; and between them, though he always took care that his master should have the credit, they established schools for little girls, made roads, and started State dispensaries and shows of agricultural implements, and published a yearly blue-book on the "Moral and Material Progress of the State," and the Foreign Office and the Government of India were delighted.
A man can return with a great reputation from India and be put in charge of a great public treasure, and still have the soul of a schoolboy, waiting to be awakened by an accident.
The lecturer, who has lived most of his life in India, gave some marvelous exhibitions of his power, hypnotizing anyone who chose to submit himself to the experiment, by merely looking at him.
England managed to crush her own proletarian revolution and to hold on to India, though she was brought to the verge of exhaustion.
It will help you to understand the state of Britain in those old days if you think of India to-day.
Blanche was going to India, to be governess in the household of a Judge, under care of the Judge's wife.
He had prospered in India, and brought back with him a considerable sum of money, a large collection of valuable curiosities, and a staff of native servants.
Before he attempted to discuss either subject he had devoted to it many years of the most painstaking study--in the case of India no less than fourteen years; and his speeches, long and highly complicated, were filled with minute details and exact statistics, which his magnificent memory enabled him to deliver without notes.