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You won't like EVERYTHING from India now, Miss Sharp," said the old gentleman; but when the ladies had retired after dinner, the wily old fellow said to his son, "Have a care, Joe; that girl is setting her cap at you.
Mary had seen carved ivory in India and she knew all about elephants.
He was a Sunnyasi--a houseless, wandering mendicant, depending on his neighbours for his daily bread; and so long as there is a morsel to divide in India, neither priest nor beggar starves.
When the time came to make that dream true the Prime Minister took the proper steps, and in three days you might more easily have found a bubble in the trough of the long Atlantic seas, than Purun Dass among the roving, gathering, separating millions of India.
And he met Thibetan herdsmen with their dogs and flocks of sheep, each sheep with a little bag of borax on his back, and wandering wood-cutters, and cloaked and blanketed Lamas from Thibet, coming into India on pilgrimage, and envoys of little solitary Hill-states, posting furiously on ring-streaked and piebald ponies, or the cavalcade of a Rajah paying a visit; or else for a long, clear day he would see nothing more than a black bear grunting and rooting below in the valley.
Even in populated India a man cannot a day sit still before the wild things run over him as though he were a rock; and in that wilderness very soon the wild things, who knew Kali's Shrine well, came back to look at the intruder.
Manufacturing never took off, and the economy meandered; India lagged behind all its trade-embracing contemporaries.
India has been a democracy for decades, and a big, sloppy, inefficient one at that, plagued by weak, often transient coalition governments.
When they reached their destination, Gandhi, now surrounded by throngs of onlookers, took his muddy mixture and boiled it to make salt--an illegal act, since the British government required taxes to be paid on all salt made or sold in India.
policy as indicated by the highly publicized and successful Exercise Cope India 2004.
Indian Americans who support Hindu nationalists do not dispute the occurrence of violence in India, but say it begins because Muslims attack Hindus.
Thanks in no small part to Bill Clinton's opening--capped by the President's rapturously received visit to India in 2000, the first by an American president in 22 years--America and India are on better terms today than at any time in the last 50 years.
Since independence in 1947, India has fought with Pakistan for control of Kashmir, a state that both nations claim.
Summing up the contrast, Raman Roy, president of Wipro Spectramind, India's leading provider of outsourced business processes, notes: "The common impression of India is of people going to work on a bullock cart while they talk on their cell phone.
And it has been half-hearted in trying to stem the flow of funds from the United States to Hindu extremist groups in India.