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an alphabetical listing of items (e

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Index Card 4 is completely redesigned with a new user interface, but will be instantly familiar to the tens of thousands of Index Card users around the world.
7) The final process which finishes the rosette is to cut a circle the same size as the rosette from a second index card or leather.
As you turn around, run your fingers over the bottom and the top of the door opening, feeling for the hidden square of index card.
IN HER OFFICE are boxes of neatly filed index cards colored red, white, yellow, orange and blue, reminding her of the lives at stake under the justice system and the urgency with which she should act on their cases.
In my session with this writer, I asked her to jot down everything she could think of that pertained to her essay on individual index cards (grouping multiple thoughts on cards may be handy, but it defeats the purpose of this exercise: free manipulation of ideas).
What USHMM currently has is part of the record collection of ITS plus the e= ntire Central Names Index (CNI) of 50 million digitized index cards providi= ng information about 17 million people.
The Eucharist works its full power when you receive it mindfully, and if writing a reminder on an index card helps, by all means do it.
For the index card filing task, participants assigned to WT learned the skill, improving from scores of 39% correct at baseline to 52% immediately after training, but displayed considerable drop-off in skill retention over time with scores returning to 43% correct by the follow-up assessment (effect size of change from baseline to final assessment: Cohen's d = .
Cut a circle from an index card, just slightly larger than the open end of the tube.
Each word was written on a 3 x 5 index card and presented to the child, who was asked to verbally state the word within 2 seconds.
I've managed to find my father's medal index card but could not find his service documents.
The entire assembly fits onto a thin platform the size of an index card.
On each index card, I wrote an estimated time for each event.
The information itself hasn't changed that much, but when I began here we used linotype and letterpress equipment and maintained each subscriber record on a 4x6-inch index card in pencil.
We affixed them to the index card with Velcro tabs or string ties.