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He argues that "intercultural theology is intimately related to contextualization and inculturation and a growing field of similar studies especially in European universities like in the Netherlands (Nijmegen), Germany (Goettingen in cooperation with 'Hermannsburger Mission'), and others" (p.
This is the resource to consult with regard to the relation of Christianity and colonialism and inculturation efforts.
Inculturation encompasses many elements: liturgy, language, music, dance, clothing, architecture, and interior ornamentation.
Cunningham thus shows how biblical theology resembles and speaks to some of the deep concerns of deconstruction--a positive move that inculturation studies would support.
Is inculturation merely some sort of autonomous changing of an already existing culture--a special kind of cultural hybridity--constructed, in varying degrees, for different Indian Christian communities by themselves?
Mapping the Catholic Cultural Landscape (Fossey & Miller, 2004) is a series of essays compiled "to explore the inculturation of the Catholic faith within a global perspective" (p.
The short volume moves at a fast clip through story after story, raising questions of evangelization and inculturation.
Nathanael Yaovi, Sens et enjeux de l'ethique: Inculturation de l'ethique chretienne.
Inculturation is more than forming a multicultural perspective in ministry.
Three deserve special attention because their subject matter goes beyond purely ecclesiastical themes: Joan Chittister's "Women in the Church," Pablo Richard's "The South Will Judge the North: The Church Between Globalization and Inculturation," and Francis X.
Maybe this too is projection, but I think I detect around me among many gay men both an intense need and longing for intimacy and an equally intense reluctance to achieve it -- a reluctance bred by both our wounded self-esteem as homosexuals and our general inculturation as men.
11) This move toward inculturation is necessarily fraught with problems including, and for some beginning, with matters of definition.
The theme of those books provides the substance of his first paper on the definition of terms - indigenization, incarnation, contextualization, adaptation, acculturation, inculturation, transculturation to list a few.
At its most basic level, inculturation is understood as the "Word becoming flesh" in and through the life of the local Christian community--the Word becomes living and real in a particular context, a particular people and a particular place.
Igbo Culture and Gospel: Empirical-Theological Research Into Inculturation in Nigeria