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the bases of African moral theology are theological inculturation, the Christian and biblical concept of God, and an African- and Christian-inspired anthropology.
The author summarizes it well when he states: "inculturation today is not only a simple encounter between the 'pure' Gospel and a culture, but it is already embodied in a culture, and thus, inculturation has to be an encounter between two cultures.
Nwaigwe's volume aims to find a way to bring together the canonical preparation of marriage (1983 Code) and the Igbo traditional preparation of marriage together in a process of inculturation that will be meaningful without the Igbo losing their Igbo identify and their Christian doctrine.
He taught his people about Jesus as the "ratu adil" (just king) and the "panutun" (exemplary figure) as an example of inculturation of the gospel as well as the disassociation.
Cunningham thus shows how biblical theology resembles and speaks to some of the deep concerns of deconstruction--a positive move that inculturation studies would support.
Is inculturation merely some sort of autonomous changing of an already existing culture--a special kind of cultural hybridity--constructed, in varying degrees, for different Indian Christian communities by themselves?
Mapping the Catholic Cultural Landscape successfully completes that task, while creating in the reader a piqued interest not only in one's own culture, but in Catholic inculturation throughout the world.
The short volume moves at a fast clip through story after story, raising questions of evangelization and inculturation.
Nathanael Yaovi, Sens et enjeux de l'ethique: Inculturation de l'ethique chretienne.
What constitutes indigenous theology and inculturation and how would we know when we have gone too far?
Three deserve special attention because their subject matter goes beyond purely ecclesiastical themes: Joan Chittister's "Women in the Church," Pablo Richard's "The South Will Judge the North: The Church Between Globalization and Inculturation," and Francis X.
Maybe this too is projection, but I think I detect around me among many gay men both an intense need and longing for intimacy and an equally intense reluctance to achieve it -- a reluctance bred by both our wounded self-esteem as homosexuals and our general inculturation as men.
The concept of inculturation, argues editor Laurier Turgeon, encourages the inclusion of all parties in historical encounters as agents, in ways neglected both by traditional historiography and by deterministic social science, both of which assert or imply the inevitability or desirability of western cultural domination.
places great hope in the future of ecumenism, especially if some of the familiar obstacles can be faced and overcome, namely, the exclusion of women from ordination, mandatory celibacy, lifetime appointments, large congregations of any size that inhibit two-way communication, global uniformity at the expense of regional inculturation, exclusivist language, and lack of ecumenical will.