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apparatus consisting of a box designed to maintain a constant temperature by the use of a thermostat

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Oracha's incubators have both humidity and temperature sensors, a mortar for turning the egg trays, humidity tray at the bottom and fans for cooling heaters.
Now, let's review what are technology incubators, science and technology parks and how they can help develop economies like Pakistan.
Incubators and accelerators are a vital part of effective innovation ecosystems.
However, (Hippolite 2012) showed that in the case of aperiodic cleaning of the incubators increase the possibility of the bacterial growth.
For incubators to be successful, campus leaders must decide how to encourage enterprise development without undermining the academic missions, as well as foster strong ties between schools and incubators.
Alternatively, incubators are also used in hatching centers for the rapid and healthy development of poultry for consumption.
In Silicon Valley, the top incubators and accelerators include Y Combinator in Mountain View, founded by Paul Graham, a renowned entrepreneur who made his fortune selling his startup to Yahoo
The simple answer is that incubators are difficult to operate due to a number of thorny issues.
In Manshiyet Al-Bakry hospital, there are about 30 incubators that cater for scores of babies born every day.
At present, there are 137 incubators active in the country and 23 of them have technological units active in the field of nanotechnology.
Business support from incubators is an invaluable resource for young enterprises, whether it's helping them network, take on staff, expand to a larger office or even helping them find their own premises when they're ready to move on.
Our incubators are internationally recognised as some of the best in the world," says Richard White, manager incubator development at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE).
Over the last 50 years (1), incubators spread across the whole world, and for a few years they have been created by a growing number of economic actors (local collectivities, universities, large companies, etc.
Stepping in to help entrepreneurs are business incubators, which provide coaching, networking opportunities, and even affordable office space to newly minted entrepreneurs.