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Synonyms for Inchon

a port city in western South Korea on the Yellow Sea

a battle in the Korean War (1950)

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The Inchon landing at the center of Smith's composition was one of the most tactically brilliant maneuvers in American military history.
The 1st Marine Division departed Inchon on 12 October and arrived off the east coast only to discover that under Soviet supervision, the enemy had mined Changjon Koje, Hungnam, songjin and Wonsan in the interim.
30 /PRNewswire/ -- Deutsche AeroConsult GmbH (DACO) -- a wholly owned subsidiary of Flughafen Frankfurt/Main AG (the Frankfurt Airport company) -- and its partners in the DLIA consortium have won a contract from Inchon International Airport Corporation (IIAC) to provide a smooth start-up as well as efficient, competitive and profitable operations for the new international airport opening in 2001 at Seoul, South Korea.
Elsewhere, FASL has secured a contract to provide the Airport Information System for South Korea's new Inchon International Airport.
Raymond Jackson was a hulking 18-year-old GI when he was ordered to strap on his helmet, steady his rifle and hit the beach at Inchon during the Korean War.
Inchon International Airport in South Korea is scheduled to open sometime in the spring of 2001 in an attempt to become Northeast Asia's main hub airport.
of South Korea with fiber optic equipment to be deployed in an elaborate airport security and surveillance system as part of major construction underway at Inchon International Airport.
Daimler-Benz Aerospace (DASA) has signed a contract with the Korean Airport Construction Authority (KOACA) to provide the complete lighting system for the first runway and taxiway at Korea's new Inchon International Airport.
After North Korea invaded South Korea in June 1950, Fritz's unit went ashore at Inchon, the American surprise landing behind the North Korean lines.
Authorities hope the Inchon International Airport will become Northeast Asia's main hub airport with an annual capacity of 100 million passengers by 2020, according to The Associated Press.
4 /PRNewswire/ -- Prestolite Electric Incorporated today announced that it has formed a joint venture with Inchon, South Korea- based Daewoo Heavy Industries.
Elsewhere, in one of Asia's many high-profile airport developments, Cegelec AEG has been contracted to automate the baggage handling system at the new Inchon International Airport, outside Seoul, South Korea.
one of the world's largest piano makers with corporate headquarters and main piano manufacturing operations in Inchon, Korea.
Our Korean War vets who were hitting the beaches at Inchon, at 5:30 p.
The Inchon International Airport in Korea, which is due to open on 1 January 2001, will feature 46 Internet-enabled passenger kiosks in its passenger terminal that will provide travellers with airport and other related information and services.