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sexual intercourse between persons too closely related to marry (as between a parent and a child)

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The incestual situation in "La sunamita" is a variation on frequent leitmotif in Arredondos short stories: "older, lustful men seeking fulfillment of their own sexual Needs .
Some journals are perceived as incestual because they only advance scholarship from those who are "members of their club" in terms of institutional or organizational affiliation.
Creed explores the theme that the film addresses subtle undertones of an incestual bond between Regan and her mother Chris MacNeil which Creed believes opened the door to the possession of Regan.
Dubai A 23-year-old Emirati woman who got illegitimately pregnant following an incestual relationship with her 26-year-old uncle, has been charged with having consensual sex.
as if she had been a little sister, a child of mine" (137), placing her in every possible incestual relation to himself without a hint of the consciousness of transgression.
The issues of rape, incestual conceptions and the words of pro-life and pro-abortion advocates fill myriads of articles, treatises and legal decisions and entangle discussions of fetal abnormalities.
Hints of incestual feelings emerge as the two teenagers continue to share a closet-sized bedroom and the sister disrobes in front of her brother in a remote shack.
MANY of these cases will be incestual abuse or child sexual abuse.
He saw in the composition a set of irregular sexual behaviors, culminating in the sequence of incestual encounters between Enki and his daughters.