Inauguration Day

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the day designated for inauguration of the United States President


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USA], Jan 31 ( ANI ): Former First Lady Michelle Obama has revealed to Ellen DeGeneres what was inside the Tiffany box she received from Melania Trump on US President Donald Trump's Inauguration Day.
The warrant covered a 101-day period and was not limited to information related to the Inauguration Day protests.
Although the video was released on inauguration day on her Facebook page, additional images have been added since, including some from the resistance movement.
The temporary regulatory freeze the White House imposed on Inauguration Day deferred several significant regulations that President Obama tried to issue at the end of his administration.
The coalition's plan for Inauguration Day included hosting speakers, performers and activists to discuss why they believe Trump's agenda should be fought.
Historically, the US market tended to do well from the election of a new President to a few weeks after the Inauguration Day.
As Donald Trump builds his cabinet and administration ahead of Inauguration Day on January 20th, Trump's Jewish offspring are preparing for the spiritual transition to Washington D.
The signature took place on the inauguration day of the Ibn Sina vocational training centre specialised in building trades and public works co-funded by the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment and the French Development Agency.
On Inauguration Day, in January 2019, which governor has the power to fill the seats of three retiring justices: the one leaving office or the new one coming into power?
Execution of such a large scale event requires advance planning; up to one year before inauguration day.
On which date does Inauguration Day for US presidents take place?
On the inauguration day, Ambassador Masood Khalid, along-with Commercial Counselor Riaz Ahmed Shaikh visited the exhibition and the Pakistani stalls.
Due to numerous official events scheduled for the inauguration day and proceeding from public interests, Municipality offers
Ronald Reagan in 1985 was the last president to take the oath twice to avoid holding Inauguration Day festivities on a Sunday.