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consort of Dumuzi (Tammuz)

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Yet the imagery also embraces the divine world since the stylised plant has produced five buds and three flowers or rosettes that are understood as symbols of the goddess Inanna.
Inanna has been delivering vital services to many vulnerable women in our community and its disappointing to see that the Barr government has not been able to properly manage its responsibilities to manage funding agreements.
Like the Roman myth of Ceres and the Greek myth of Demeter who bravely descended into the underworld to seek justice and deliverance for their respective captive daughters, so did Inanna as part of her spiritual initiation, to test her feminine powers.
The Kushan Empire was a place where Hinduism, Buddhism, and Greek mythology, and more all influenced the people's culture and beliefs, and when Jaya needs help the most, she receives it from Shiva (a Hindu deity), Inanna, (a Mesopotamian goddess), and Hercules (a hero of Greek myth).
Although Tolkien, as a Christian, would hardly see Anu and Inanna, as related by Turco, as the gods worshipped by Isildur, on the other hand the very name Isildur, signifying 'servant of the moon' has an inherently 'pagan' aspect to it, and in any event the Mesopotamians 'felt' about Anu and Inanna the way the Numenoreans no doubt 'felt' about Eru Iluvatar.
Her novella Midsummer was published last year by Inanna, and her
Inanna Dickey, MNS Graphic Designer; Brooke Herstic, MNS Interior Design Assistant; Staci Reed, MNS Listings Director; Thomas Fialo, MNS New Development Project Manager
For more information, contact Inanna Reistad, Vertical Harvest, inanna@eye-des.
Wooldridge, Jennifer Allis Provost, Terri Bruce and Inanna Arthen will share their roads to publication, and how each of them used NaNoWriMo as a tool in their success.
The temple is not a Buddhist temple, it belongs to a goddess called Inanna - and this is not something I knew, this is something they told me - one of the things that she hates .
Damascus, SANA -- Artifacts uncovered from various archeological sites in Syria document the creativity shown by ancient artists from various eras and cultures in embodying a figure that symbolizes two values humanity has cherished throughout history: Ishtar, Inanna, Aphrodite, Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.
adapted from Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth (trans.
En uno de los textos sumerios mas antiguos encontramos la intrincada historia de la diosa Inanna, quien hace gala del arte de la argumentacion ante el dios Enki, para que la deje descender al inframundo -la "casa del polvo"- y despues salir.
According to the sources, the Inanna is also working on the full album that is expected to be released in a few months time.