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attack as false or wrong

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The impugnation is not quite fair, as nicely demonstrated by an unpublished piece from 1996 ("The innate foundational endowments"), wherein Quine supports Descartes over Locke with appeal to contemporary neonatal studies.
Rather, the problem with Posse's novel resides in his impugnation (at times equivocal, at times unequivocal) that the source of this evil is to be so precisely traced to Isabel's body, her gender, and her sexuality.
The Commerce Code states on article 878: 'When the payment of a debt constitutes an act in the law, it is open to impugnation for the same causes as any other act in the law'.
72) is a misguided impugnation of American culture that suggests that only non-minorities are capable of hate, prejudice, and discrimination.
the anticolonialist perspective, the impugnation of the practice of centering on the West" (10-11).