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Synonyms for impressionist

a painter who follows the theories of Impressionism

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relating to or characteristic of Impressionism

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As the juries of the Salons were controlled by a group of conservative artists who upheld traditional aesthetic values, young artists with new ideas, like the Impressionists, were unfairly discriminated against.
Capturing Beauty: American Impressionist and Realist Paintings from the McGlothlin Collection," is on view through Sept.
House demonstrated this himself in an important exhibition of 1995 comparing landscape paintings by the Impressionists and their academic rivals, and he elaborates on his findings here.
The artists featured in the show have been called the California Impressionists, but this exhibit, which runs through March 2, reveals that many of the artists attended academies elsewhere and spent as much time out of the state as in it.
Manet's art of the limited palette was to influence other Impressionists like Renoir, evident in the latter's 'Madame Darras' (circa 1868).
The claim is made in Phil Grabsky's film The Impressionists and the Man who Made Them, which is out later this month.
Frankfurt, Jumada I 19, 1436, Mar 10, 2015, SPA -- Fifty paintings by French Impressionist painter Claude Monet will form the core of the 200th anniversary exhibition at Frankfurt's Staedel Museum, dpa quoted curator Felix Kraemer as saying Tuesday.
I hope it was fun to watch, and that you enjoyed my song 'Perfect'," Cantor further added in the description before listing the names of the voice-over impressionists and the celebrities they impersonated.
It provides background for Waugh's aesthetic responses to social and historical stimuli that animated the impressionists (and that the impressionists animated, as Parkes makes clear).
One could say the same of the Impressionists, with their adherence to color theory and devotion to images of modern life.
Contract notice: Transportation of works of art for the exhibition the impressionists in private
They became friends and often painted together forming a group called the Impressionists.
It provides a range of works and styles by this nature artist, offering powerful works that have among their influences the art of Impressionists, Post-Impressionists, and abstract artists as well.
THE IMPRESSIONISTS - PAINTING AND REVOLUTION BBC Two Wales, 8pm Waldemar Januszczak, above, continues his four-part series looking at what he describes as 'the greatest art ever painted'.
It was, however, the Impressionists who became the epitome of plein air painting and who developed a unique "instantaneous" style.