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Synonyms for impossible

Synonyms for impossible

not capable of happening or being done

so unpleasant or painful as not to be endured or tolerated

given to acting in opposition to others

Synonyms for impossible

something that cannot be done

not capable of occurring or being accomplished or dealt with

totally unlikely

used of persons or their behavior

References in classic literature ?
Still the man of him said impossible, and still the woman of her insisted that this was an impossible come true.
In general, the impossible must be justified by reference to artistic requirements, or to the higher reality, or to received opinion.
Finally, and for the encouragement of people troubled with accents that cut them off from all high employment, I may add that the change wrought by Professor Higgins in the flower girl is neither impossible nor uncommon.
Yet as you said yourself, it was impossible for me to go away, so I had to stay.
One must let you drink your coffee in peace, at least," said Matvey, in the affectionately gruff tone with which it was impossible to be angry.
Long does not come back till the day before; so it will be impossible for her to introduce him, for she will not know him herself.
But to forestall the French with his whole army was impossible.