laying on of hands

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the application of a faith healer's hands to the patient's body

laying hands on a person's head to invoke spiritual blessing in Christian ordination

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The authors duly note that the Council of Arles (314 CE) condemned African rebaptism and mandated the West's practice of imposition of hands only.
My husband was not allowed to sit with his family following the imposition of hands.
One of the authors on anointing, Philippe Rouillard, notes that the imposition of hands, which usually designates the coming down of the Holy Spirit, refers in this sacrament to the need of the sick person to be touched physically.
Just like male candidates for the diaconate, female candidates received the imposition of hands by the bishop in the sanctuary during a eucharistic celebration.
This appears to have been the understanding of the Jesus movement until the second century when imposition of hands began to be the sole way for commissioning to forms of ministry we now call priesthood.