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Synonyms for impose

impose on someone


impose something on or upon someone: inflict

Synonyms for impose

to establish and apply as compulsory

to set forth expressly and authoritatively

to cause to undergo or bear (something unwelcome or damaging, for example)

to force (another) to accept a burden

to take advantage of unfairly

Synonyms for impose

compel to behave in a certain way


impose and collect

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Another big importer of SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) got into trouble when it passed off its SUVs as AUVs (Asian Utility Vehicles) with a lower imposable tariff by adding small folding seats on a cramped third row to qualify them as AUVs.
The said provision stated that any person charged under any provision of law - regardless of the imposable penalty - shall be denied plea bargaining or pleading guilty to a lesser offense with the consent of the prosecutor.
The application of the DOJ formula yields adjusted rates that are more appropriate for the objectives of the law - one, to avoid the imposition of cruel and excessive punishment, and two, to make imposable fines an effective deterrent to crimes," Drilon said.
The obligation, (as all moral obligations are) is only morally binding and not penally imposable.
2, qui instaurait un prelevement temporaire sur le revenu imposable destine a reduire le deficit, et sur le projet de loi 19, An Act To Amend The Revenue Administration Act No.
The NMR spectra of 2 (Table-1) were nearly super imposable to that of 1, indicating the similar structural features.
87) They did so largely for two reasons: first, to provide the Service with greater flexibility when seeking corrective action where individuals have received an "excess benefit"; second, to provide an imposable rule.
Punishment &Fines for Labor Law Violation: If we look at the punishments provided and fines imposable for violation of different pieces of labor legislation, it is clear that they are shockingly low in most cases.
Le gouvernement du Commonwealth finance le Medicare a partir de l'ensemble des taxes et des impots ainsi que d'un impot special au titre des soins de sante de 1,5% preleve sur le revenu imposable (Kirby et Keon, 2004).
It is obvious that the glass form on the left of the image represents the female part of the "couple" while at the right stays as a more imposable and rigid, male part of the building.
Etant donne que le systeme declaratif est la technique generalement utilisee pour determiner l'assiette imposable, l'elargissement de la tranche imposable au taux de 35% pourrait constituer une incitation a la fraude.
Adele Clarke coined the term imposable contraceptives to represent methods that last for a long time once administered and are difficult for users to discontinue at will.
After getting the super imposable control Ca++ CRCs (generally after two cycles), the tissues were pre-incubated with Co.
Whether an offense is minor depends on several factors: the nature of the offense and the circumstances surrounding its commission; the offender's age, rank, duty assignment, record and experience; and the maximum sentence imposable for the offense if tried by general court-martial.
37) The limit of punitive damages can be defined as the maximum imposable residual liability net of compensatory damages and the financial economic costs on the firm associated with the litigation risk.