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Synonyms for imponderable

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a factor whose effects cannot be accurately assessed

difficult or impossible to evaluate with precision


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Pimpnosis is full of such imponderables, my personal favorite being the concise and to the point, "What goes through a ho's mind?
Lastly, after some irreverent humor from Grimaldi, Al Hyde and Hyong Yi offer perspectives (and book reviews) on a range of topics, including: the rapidly changing information technology management environment; the health of the federal budget; e-government; and other imponderables in TPM's Views You Can Use department.
Mead's forthright expert opinions validated Weizmann's fears that "outsiders, especially non-Jews, would judge bare facts and would have no understanding for the imponderables.
But at this time of year the sessions become quieter and with the millennium and all the imponderables that it could bring almost upon us, now is the time to make the effort.
But there are some imponderables that, depending how they work out, could keep e-commerce from becoming a major threat to advertising spending.
The quandary of what to do with the city, which before the war was 44 percent Muslim, is one of the imponderables that make it likely that some sort of international peacekeeping force will need to be here for a few more years.
While he emphasises co-incidence of interest and shared conceptions, it may yet be that our diplomatic and intelligence skills and long experience of the Commonwealth, will be more useful imponderables to the USA than the lost physical Empire of the `Brits'.
Despite all economic imponderables, Porsche is confident that in the current 2006/2007 year of business sales will at least achieve the exceptionally high level of the business year now over.
Conclusion Probable winner but too many imponderables.
If we artificially inflate the figures for notional predictions which rely on all sorts of imponderables all we will do is allow developers to cherry pick greenfield sites and leave contaminated urban land until last.
There are just too many imponderables and uncertainties - and what should happen to the market hall is among them.
We don't knowwhat we'll make out of it because there are too many imponderables at this stage.
In this reprint of the 1993 volume in the Imponderables series originally titled When Did Wild Poodles Roam the Earth?
It's probably also worth having a small bet on Cork to win the match at 5/2, because there are just too many imponderables about Kerry to back them with confidence at 2/5.
FOR spread betting punters life can be full of imponderables.