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Synonyms for imponderable

Antonyms for imponderable

a factor whose effects cannot be accurately assessed

difficult or impossible to evaluate with precision


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This makes knowing whether Antarctica is gaining or losing ice a key concern for human kind, and the answer to this imponderable urgent.
EVEN by Breeders' Cup standards, there are a lot of imponderables attached to this latest edition.
Presumably for reflection on such imponderables as how a hard-up country can possibly find the dosh for such selfindulgent twaddle.
The European Space Agency (ESA) has just enabled mankind to come one step closer and reengage with the imponderables of our existence with renewed hope.
There are too many imponderables to fathom when it comes to 35-runner fields.
Delays and imponderables have littered the path at every twist and turn over the years.
I am all in favour of saving lives and reducing road accidents and dramatically cutting the number of collisions and injuries but no one can validate the claim that "at least seven lives in three years" will be saved, as there are so many imponderables that can't be built into that formula.
30pm GAA Leinster Senior Hurling Ch'ship q/final THEY'RE hurling's great imponderables but Cyril Donnellan is intent on shedding the tag.
THE letter from Mrs G Bridge (September 24), on the subject of the legalising of drugs is fraught with imponderables.
There are lots of "if onlys" in life and Dan's question is one of those imponderables.
uk/catchat DAVID CHARTERS The Bard of Birkenhead muses on life''s imponderables www.
The election results in Japan create ''a new set of imponderables for a White House already burdened by foreign policy headaches in Afghanistan, Iran and North Korea,'' it said, referring to a possible end to a mission to refuel U.
The future trend depends on innumerable imponderables, starting with cancer research.
Yet, among all the present imponderables, one resolution should be made plain.
En lo referente a la infraestructura hicimos algunos movimientos internos: primero, se realizaron algunas modificaciones a la ley: se busca la manera de eliminar lo que tiene que ver con la anualidad de las obras o de los proyectos, que es uno de los problemas importantes; pues a veces el ano fiscal no coincide con los plazos para hacer las obras, entre otras cosas porque hay muchos imponderables; por ejemplo, en tiempo de lluvias en donde las obras se detienen o se disminuye la intensidad del trabajo, si se va a hacer un tunel se encuentran imponderables como tocas o lechos rocosos que deben dinamitarse lo que alarga el proceso de la obra.