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Synonyms for IV

the cardinal number that is the sum of three and one

administration of nutrients through a vein

being one more than three


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The main objective of this paper is to construct an implied volatility index for the New Zealand stock market, which is called the NZVIX.
We propose to compute the risk minimization hedging using standard options by jointly modeling the underlying price dynamics and the Black-Scholes at-the-money implied volatility explicitly.
Tian, 2005, "The Model-Free Implied Volatility and Its Information Content", Review of Financial Studies, 18:1305-1342
3) We find that option-implied volatility can encompass a simple ARCH model at one day and one month horizons, but when the effects of lagged trading volume and optionimplied volatility are incorporated in an augmented ARCH model, an implied volatility forecast is encompassed by this broader time series augmented information set.
The simplest method is to calculate the so-called Black-Scholes implied volatility measure.
If a short position in implied volatility on a market is created and a subsequent sharp market decline results in much higher implied volatility, the value of the implicit short position in volatility could dramatically decrease.
Although this paper uses only daily implied volatility for options with the less intrinsic value, this section uses all the implied volatilities for observing the implied volatility pattern.
Under certain circumstances (see Annex B) the prices for at-the-money implied volatility and strangles and risk-reversals, respectively, will describe the entire probability distribution for future exchange rates.
We say that at a price of $100 call A has an implied volatility of 23 percent.
Currently, over 200 institutional subscribers and universities rely on our products as their main source of options pricing, implied volatility calculations, volatility surfaces, and analytics.
The term structure of Bitcoin option implied volatility is downward-sloping.
This study examines the relationship between implied volatility and the trading activity of options to understand the kind of use options have in the Indian market and thus contributes to the literature on the price discovery function of derivatives.
One-month implied volatility fell 15 basis points to 13.
Another factor is the dollar's continued weakening, which should protect commodity-driven assets against a deep correction Meanwhile, implied volatility had declined significantly over the last half a year, and has almost reached its pre-crisis levels, which makes long derivative strategies attractive.
The spike in implied volatility, as measured by the CBOE Volatility Index, or VIX, roiled long-pacific markets, leading investors to question even now, almost a month later, whether a sustained sell-off might be looming.