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The emperor, flanked by Empress Michiko and other imperial family members, appeared on the Chowaden palace balcony a total of seven times -- three in the morning and four in the afternoon -- to greet the well-wishers, many of whom waved Japanese flags.
The complication, caused when the placenta forms low in the uterus and partially covers the cervix, has required the Caesarean operation -- the first for a member of the imperial family.
At the ceremony, the emperor and empress sat on one side of the ''Matsu-no-ma'' hall, flanked by other members of the imperial family, including their three children -- Crown Prince Naruhito, Prince Akishino and Princess Sayako -- as well as Prince Akishino's wife Princess Kiko.
This makes it likely that the number of imperial family members will decline in the future.
The emperor, together with Empress Michiko, Crown Prince Naruhito and other imperial family members, will greet the well-wishers from the balcony of Chowaden Palace, the agency said.
In this message, the Sovereign expressed his heartfelt congratulations and sincere wishes of health and happiness to the Emperor of Japan and the august imperial family and of further progress and prosperity to the Japanese people.
On Monday, Kazaoka said it was a "difficult decision" for the widow of the late Prince Takamado to attend the IOC meeting, noting that imperial family members' engagement in Tokyo's campaign to host the 2020 Olympics could be interpreted as political.
Fukushima Prefecture is a renowned peach-growing area, with Kori supplying its main variety, Akatsuki, to the imperial family every year.
On his turn, Prince Naruhito expressed sincere greetings and best wishes of the Emperor of Japan and the imperial family to His Majesty the Sultan.
6 ( ANI ): The Japanese Government has introduced a new proposal, enabling female members of the Imperial family to establish their own Imperial branches after their marriage to commoners, amid concerns over the falling number of royal household members.
By becoming a member of the IMPERIAL family, we are able to strengthen our value proposition by offering our customers an end-to-end logistics solution, said Wendy Goetze, Managing Director of Kings Transport.
He describes the proposed British rescue of the Imperial family, which was led by Major Stephen Alley; the impact of World War I; what led up to the revolution in 1917; the Secret Service mission to discover the truth about the Romanov deaths; and the discovery of their bodies.
Empress hopes emperor's path would guide future of imperial family
Instant expert This winter a table originally from the Golden Drawing Room in the Winter Palace - the main residence of the Russian imperial family in st Petersburg - comes up for sale in London.
A SILVER artist whose work is collected by the Japanese Imperial Family and Nelson Mandela is exhibiting in Liverpool next month.