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lowering the body's normal immune response to invasion by foreign substances

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in immuno-suppressed patients and evaluation of preventive measures to reduce the incidence of this devastating disease.
However, enterococci strains which develop resistance to Vancomycin, (a gylcopeptide antibiotic used selectively for serious infection) can be more problematic to treat, especially for those patients who are immuno-suppressed.
Theories put forward, such as that pregnant women are generally immuno-suppressed or that the placenta is a particularly nutritious niche for the malaria parasite, do not explain why increased susceptibility lessens with each subsequent pregnancy after the first.
Shafer, the only reason to get a Pap smear from a woman aged 25 or less is if she has a risk factor such as four or more lifetime sexual partners, has a history of one or more STDs, or is immuno-suppressed or taking steroids
To qualify for the free vaccines, you have to be 60 years or older, have a chronic illness, or an immuno-compromised or immuno-suppressed disorder.
17 Avoid unpasteurized milk because there is a risk of salmonella infection, which is more serious in an immuno-suppressed person.
The growth will primarily be driven by an increase in the average number of days spent in the hospitals due to inappropriate initial antibiotic treatment and steady increases in elderly and immuno-suppressed populations.
Pneumocystis jirovecii dihydropteroate synthase genotypes in immunocompetent infants and immuno-suppressed adults, Amiens, France.
The man, who has not been named, was understood to be immuno-suppressed because of an underlying condition when he contracted the H1N1 virus.
According to the journal, seven of the cases occurred in fetuses or infants and 42 in immuno-suppressed adults; 14 patients died.
Unfortunately, bacteria residing in many water supplies, including medical institutions, food services, restaurants and residences, can be dangerous to the health of immuno-suppressed and recently discharged patients, the elderly, and many others.
The product may be especially useful in the diagnosis of immuno-suppressed patients who are particularly vulnerable to these types of problems.
All are immuno-suppressed patients at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff and they have been treated with an alternative antiviral medicine.
This case highlights the importance of follow-up in patients with candidemia or disseminated infection, especially in immuno-suppressed patients.