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Talking to a delegation here, the minister said the government has taken effective measures for conservation and protection of forests and wildlife and anyone found guilty of unlawful cutting of trees and illegal hunting of wildlife would be dealt with an iron hands.
Jurgen Schade, GIZ chief advisor, noted that locals are less likely to commit illegal hunting or trading after being warned that they could be imprisoned or be made to pay heavy penalties.
QUETTA: Security Forces have arrested 12 persons among for Arab Nationals for illegal hunting from Pak-Afghan bordering area near Nushki and Jhal Magsion Wednesday.
During the charity's annual general meeting in Swindon, Wiltshire, they said the practise is allowing illegal hunting of foxes, deer and other animals.
Although she has been a keen supporter of the hunt in the past, Mrs Leadsom has now condemned any illegal hunting activity.
He says that the major cause of the endangered animals' shrinking population is illegal hunting for which he blames negligence of the wildlife department's officials.
The post Illegal hunting crackdown appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
A special raiding party was formed after receiving information that hunters were busy in illegal hunting of lizards Bhoor village in Ramak area.
ARRESTS were made in Stockton yesterday after police and the RSPCA raided properties in connection with suspected illegal hunting.
Jakarta: Indonesia's top clerical body has issued a religious decree against the illegal hunting and trade in endangered animals in the country, which the WWF hailed on Wednesday as the world's first.
He is Mr Athanase Edou Mebiane, a Sub-Prefect in the local government--the equivalent of a District Commissioner in the ex-British colonies--was arrested and accused after authorities gathered damning evidence about his active involvement in illegal hunting and ivory trafficking.
It's important that as farmers and land owners we can react quickly to contain livestock, ascertain illegal hunting or spread word quickly of a machinery theft through the OWL Watch Alert system.
The source added that the office would also not tolerate trespassing on natural reserves for illegal hunting.
The young babirusas were hailed as good news for the future of the species, which is in decline due to the threat of illegal hunting in its native Indonesia.
The recent Heythrop convictions - forced into admitting charges of illegal hunting - are far from the first where the Hunts' contention that they just follow trails, and suffer occasional 'accidents', has been exposed as a sham.