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I don't care about politicians of ill repute," said one woman, "but I am concerned about my man feeling put out.
She doesn't know who her father is, and her mother is, well, a woman of ill repute who thinks nothing of stealing her daughter's hard-earned money for her own purposes.
The Texas City refinery has some ill repute because the location saw an explosion in 2005, which led to the death of 15 employees.
Gulf News also learnt that insufficient regulations were affecting licensed TCAM practitioners who believe the issue brings them -- and their profession -- ill repute and compromise patient safety.
Media will forever mention his name in the context of the Bounty investigation and fans will remember Vilma with ill repute rather than remember his substantial accomplishments on the field.
Street Wrestler sees you stroll around various environments of ill repute, applying a range of different punches, throws and slams.
A very common one insists that the Kitty Mitchell grouper was given that name to honor a popular lady of ill repute, who so enjoyed dining upon grouper that she was prone to dispense her services in exchange for a few fillets.
If Islamic financial institutions in Oman chart their own course, stay away from products of ill repute such as Tawarruq (cash-for-cash products), they could grow to become serious contenders in the regional Islamic finance industry.
But at least volcanic Vicky has settled her differences with the other slappers in MTV's house of ill repute.
IF there's anything that gets up politicians' noses, it's the Great Unwashed getting to know what they're really up to, whether it's us poor mugs paying for repairing their castle moats, providing them with plush grace and favour pads, or supplying them with women and men of ill repute for their titillation.
Sacking of Azam Swati has brought ill repute for his party, he added.
Isn't this business a little bit like running a house of ill repute while knowing that all your ladies have AIDS?
Though Dick has not attained canonical status because of the ill repute of science fiction, he says, he has become recognized as a major writer whose contributions to American literature and culture cannot be denied.
Some judges weren't satisfied unless there were compromising photographs of yourself and a lady of ill repute misbehaving in some seedy hotel.
Being a young Asian single mother and having all that, people automatically think I am a drug dealer or a woman of ill repute," she said.